Why You Should Think About Replacing Burglars Bars with Louvre Shutters

Have you been thinking about replacing old and damaged burglar bars? Or perhaps you’ve completed an alteration and need to install window security. Or have you realised that you need window burglar proofing for safety reasons and thought burglar bars were the only option? Whatever the situation, here are some good reasons why you should think about replacing burglar bars with security shutters.

Firstly, you may be wondering what security shutters are and how they could be burglar bar alternatives for window security. Trellidor security shutters are made in two different types:

  • Rolling shutters that roll up into a shutter box when not needed. They roll down to cover the window for protection when required.
  • Louvre shutters that can be left closed and locked in place all the time for protection. To let in light and air and to see what’s happening outside, you simply tilt the louvres open to the level that suits you.

It is the louvre shutters that make a great alternative to conventional burglar bars. With these in place, you do not need burglar bars or blinds, because the security shutters do the job of both. This is often the first reason that people choose security shutters instead of burglar bars as it makes them cost effective.

The second reason in the burglar bars vs security shutters debate is looks. Here, security shutters often win because they are gorgeous once they’ve been installed.

This is because:

  • They are made from aluminium with a high-quality surface finish that looks clean and sophisticated.
  • They suit any type of home décor style, from country cottage to minimalist.
  • They are neat and streamlined. Trellidor security shutter has no external rods or levers, so no clutter.
  • You can choose a shade to suit your colour palette. Trellidor has flexible colour choices that includes trendy alternatives like charcoal or black, as well as the ever-popular white.

People generally choose louvre shutters as window coverings and as an alternative to blinds or curtains. If the louvres are manufactured as a security shutter, however, they can be just as strong as burglar bars.

This is the third reason (and sometimes actually the main reason) that people choose security shutters over burglar bars. Who wouldn’t want pretty louvre shutters instead of metal burglar bars in front of their windows?

Trellidor security shutters are designed to be as strong as any other window security, including burglar bars. They have the following in-built security features:

  • Each louvre is reinforced inside with a threaded steel bar along its entire length to strengthen the shutter for security purposes.
  • The shutters are fitted with a patented Trellidor locking system.
  • Locked shutters provide security even when the louvres are tilted open for fresh air and sunlight.
  • When closed and locked, the shutters block off access into your home by criminals as well as monkeys and baboons.
  • The patented Trellidor lock is accessible from both sides of the shutter, making it easy to lock or unlock from either side. This is an important point if you have matching shutters on your doors as you can lock them from the outside when you leave home for any reason.
  • Trellidor security shutters are custom-made for a perfect fit and enhanced protection.

The fourth reason is one that is rarely considered but is vitally important. Security shutters on your windows can be opened if you need an emergency escape. Most burglar bars cannot be opened. They are fixed in place, and you cannot escape through the window.

If you’ve never been in a situation where you need to get out of your house through a window, it is hard to imagine. But sadly, these instances do occur. It may be a fire in another part of the house or a violent break-in. Having a window that you can get out of may be a life saver in this situation.

Burglar proofing such as security shutters can be opened so that you can jump or crawl out of the window to avoid being trapped inside the house. This makes them a valuable addition to your safe zone if you have one. Find out more about how to create a safe zone at home

Read more about Trellidor Louvre Shutters security shutters if you prefer them as a replacement to burglar bars.

If you live in a gated community or secure estate, you probably don’t need shutters as strong as a Trellidor Louvre Shutters on your windows. Try Trellidor Estate Shutter, which comes in at a lower price point and looks just as beautiful as the Louvre Shutters.

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