Use Home Security To Combat New Housebreaking Trends

Home security needs to keep abreast of new trends in housebreaking as robbers find alternative ways of staying one step ahead of our efforts to keep them out of our homes, or become more blas with each successful home invasion. Here are two new developments and how to combat them by improving your home security.


The first disturbing trend shows what happens when we neglect to use our home security when entertaining. It appears that house invaders are gate-crashing parties and robbing all the guests as well as the homeowners. It may be a bit of an urban legend, but everyone seems to know of a case close to home.

The strategy makes perfect sense: large groups mean a large haul of goodies that are easy to re-sell, such as cell phones and jewellery. Apparently they leave in a car of their choice, as it’s silly not to hand over your car keys when a gun is pointed at your head.

A home cooked meal while they steal

The second trend is not really new, but has taken a novel turn. It was reported in a national newspaper that snacking on the job has always occurred during house robberies, but home invaders sometimes take it a step further and cook themselves a meal while helping themselves to your possessions.

Clever crooks choose a time when they know the home owners are away or at work. They let themselves in and take their time, cooking food, drinking any alcohol they find, watching a bit of TV and in one case, trying out the Jacuzzi.

Protection through the right home security

To avoid becoming a victim of these cheeky developments, Trellidor suggest you take charge of your home security. Here are some suggestions:

  • Fit security screens, retractable security gates or roller shutters to your patio area and keep it closed and locked when you have large crowds around. These physical barriers can extend your living area from lounge to patio without compromising your safety.
  • Secure every window and door in your home with reliable barriers and keep them closed and locked, particularly if you are leaving the house empty but also when you’re partying in another part of your home and wouldn’t be aware of an attempted break-in.
  • High quality barriers on every door and window make a robber’s life very difficult as they’re hard to get through without making a lot of noise and alerting the neighbours or neighbourhood armed response patrol. Make sure you close and lock them all before leaving for work or going on holiday.
  • Security barriers in the passage, stairway and between house and garage also complicate a home invader’s break-in attempt, so add these if you don’t already have them. It may just confine them to one area of your home if they succeed in getting in.
  • Add other layers to improve home security such as a burglar alarm and movement sensor beams, and make sure you activate them before leaving your home for work or holiday.
  • Never open your driving gate or front door security barrier without first checking who your visitor is, even if you are expecting company.

If you need help with taking charge of your home security, contact your nearest Trellidor franchise.

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