Upgrade Your Estate Property Security With These Tips

Estate properties are extremely popular in South Africa. The estate property market is, in fact, witnessing a phenomenal rise in the real estate market. Estate properties, especially those that guarantee high-end estate living security, enjoy remarkable rental value.

Estate living security is now a need, not a perk

South Africa’s recent crime statistics show an increase in residential burglary and robbery (including robberies that involve violence) and property damage. Given these statistics, it becomes more important than before to regard estate security as a need rather than a benefit for tenants and prospective buyers.

A well-secured property gives buyers and tenants an assurance of a safe and peaceful estate living. Properties with well-maintained security fetch valuable returns for owners in the form of high rental and resale values. Given these reasons, spending on estate living security should be considered an investment rather than an unnecessary expense.

Upgrade your estate security system for maximum protection

Having a basic security system comprising of perimeter fencing and CCTV systems is crucial but not enough. You have to upgrade your security system regularly to ensure that your property is well-protected.

Thorough security evaluation is the key to upgrading your existing system. A security evaluation reveals loopholes in the existing system, which can be addressed through upgradation. Security evaluations need to be performed every year to keep your security system updated and efficient.

Here are some more estate security tips that you cannot afford to ignore:

#1 Upgrade to non-intrusive landscape security

A security device or infrastructure that stands out is less likely to safeguard your property and its occupants as it is easily identifiable. A prudent move would be to make the landscape itself a security alert and protection point.

One way to do this is to use landscape elements as a security advantage. For example, hard landscape elements such as earthworks and fences can be moved away from the property so that they become a first-line defence against trespassing and malicious attacks. Natural vegetation within the landscape can be used as choke points to slow down security threats. Use of lighting at strategic spots can beautify the landscape while alerting you to potent security threats.

This way, security measures will not intrude into your landscape. Occupants will be able to enjoy the landscape and be protected by it as well.

#2 Upgrade to slam-locks for ease and security

Use slam-locks for external and internal security gates. These locks are designed for efficiency, and they are easy to lock. Using locks with keys can be time-consuming, especially at nights. Even in case of an unfortunate infiltration, you can create an early defence by slam-locking the external security gates and prevent the attack from escalating.

#3 Invest in up-to-date surveillance equipment

It is easy to underestimate the power of advanced surveillance systems when you see them with their hefty price tags. But you cannot afford to ignore the unparalleled security benefits these devices offer.

They are developed after in-depth research by the makers. They are purpose-built to deliver what they promise – maximum security. Do not hesitate to install high-end devices such as motion sensor cameras, biometrics, infra-red beams and video recorders in areas that demand high security.

Install motion sensor beams within and around the estate property for maximum security. Connect them with alarm systems so that an audible alert is raised as soon as a breach is detected.

For more convenience, integrate these devices with a single source that is either automated or human-controlled.

#4 Train security personnel as part of system upgradation

No matter how advanced your security system is, it can be utter waste if your estate security personnel do not know how to use it. Train your security staff in using security systems, at least on a basic level, so that they know the next course of action during an emergency.

#5 Upgrade to alternative energy for power backup

Load shedding remains a reality in South Africa, which is why finding an alternative means to support your estate security is crucial. Your security system is usually backed up by battery power. In the event of a battery failure, you should not be left helpless in the dark.

Invest in an alternative energy source such as solar power panels or a generator. You could power your entire security system with this backup. For a more affordable solution, you could use the alternative energy backup for key security devices or to power up your indoor lights alone. This way, you will not be plunged into darkness or left vulnerable to malicious attacks.

When choosing alternative energy sources, choose a company that is registered and reputed for high-quality products. Investing in an alternative energy source can give you big returns in the future as it can increase your estate’s value by a substantial margin, which is yet another valid reason for investment in such resources.

#6 Keep updating your estate living security

Making your estate property well-equipped on the security front is only the first step. You may have installed CCTV, access control, security lights, electric fencing and more to ensure that your property is extremely safe.

But every security device is relevant only until the next best technology comes in. Given the rapid rate of technology change and the ability of criminals to innovate and bypass any technology, there will always be a security risk that you would want to cover.

One of the best ways to maintain a reliable estate living security is to keep updating your technology. It is crucial to be aware of the latest security trends in the home security market and include them in your infrastructure. Integrate security upgradation with your property’s maintenance schedule to be able to update it regularly.

Excellent estate living security delivers a high-end lifestyle to occupants without compromising their safety. With the above estate security tips, you will be able to give your property a competitive edge in the real estate market.

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