Try Before You Buy, Especially Roller Shutter Gates

Roller shutters come in many different varieties, not all of which are easy to live with once they’re installed.  You’ll be better off in the long run if you try before you buy.

Roller shutter gates are not all the same

Steel roller shutter gates used to be found only in commercial premises.  They’ve been used for ages to close up food counters or delivery bays and to lock up storage areas.  Now they’re also being used to protect homes because they provide excellent protection and really are difficult to break through.

You can see roller shutter gates on front doors, patios, windows and they’re also used to seal off the bedroom area at night or a safe zone within homes.  The last thing you want is clattering, noisy steel shutters you’ll end up not using them at all because of the racket they make.

There are quieter alternatives manufactured from aluminium.  Trellidor Rollerstyle aluminium roller shutter gates open and close smoothly, easily and more quietly than steel, with much less friction noise.

But how would you know the difference in roller shutter gates if you haven’t seen or heard them?

The best way of finding out exactly what you are purchasing is to visit your service provider’s showroom and try out the products for yourself.  Your sales consultant may claim that the roller shutter gate motor is silent but what does this really mean?

Ask to operate an automated roller shutter gate and use the control to open and close them a few times.  Think about whether you can live with the noise or not, because with a motor there will always be noise.  It just doesn’t have to be so bad that it wakes the family when you use it.

Also look at how the roller shutter gate is made are the slats neat and narrow or wide and industrial-looking?  Are the guide channels that the shutter rolls up and down in chunky or neat?

Then there is the box that the shutter rolls up into.  It has to be quite big and clumsy to fit the whole steel shutter inside when you roll it up whereas Trellidor’s aluminium shutters need a much smaller, compact shutter box.

Watch our video below showing the differences between steel and aluminium roller shutter gates.  And don’t forget to visit your local Trellidor franchise showroom to get a real feel for what you are purchasing.

Contributor: Lindy Barry

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