#TrellidorAnswers: What Are Security Gates?

Security gates are physical barriers that serve as an essential security component ensuring that access to specified places or grounds is limited to authorized individuals. They are fitted next to doors, windows, patios & any other opening to make them intruder-resistant and are manufactured from materials such as steel, aluminium, panels and wrought iron. Security gates, also known as security barriers, can be used in both residential and commercial settings and are both indoor & outdoor protection solutions.

Security Gates Benefits

  • Act as deterrents to unauthorized personnel.
  • Improve security.
  • Improve appearance and aesthetics.
  • Increase value of property.
  • Lower insurance premiums.
  • Provide added privacy.
  • Control traffic (Especially in a commercial setting).

Types of Security Gates

Retractable Security Gates

These are the most popular and versatile security barriers in both homes & offices. They can be used in different areas, internally & externally, depending on your needs and budget. Retractable security gates are custom-made to fit your doors, windows, patios, passages and stairways. Not only do they provide restricted access, they ensure protection for children & pets as well in day to day home runnings and are ideal in cases of emergencies when needing to evacuate the building through windows.

Fixed Security Gates

Fixed security gates have the same features as retractable security gates. The difference is that they are a range of non-retractable galvanized steel security barriers designed for burglar proofing openings that aren’t used for entry.

Louvre Shutterss

Security shutters, as described in our #TrellidorAnswers: What Are Louvre Shutterss? article, are door or window coverings consisting of a frame of vertical or horizontal stiles. Within this frame are louvres that can be both operable or fixed; both horizontal or vertical. They render defence against intrusion while enhancing aesthetics and protecting against turbulent weather conditions.

Roller Shutters

These security gates are another form of shutters; except they are made from aluminium and consist of many horizontal slats that are hinged together.  The door is raised so to open and lowered to close. Custom-made for a perfect fit, the roller shutter rolls up into a neat, compact shutter box when not in use. It can also be fully automated.

Clear Guard Screens

One of the other types of security gates include Clear Guard. These are strong see-through security screens that are made from a high tensile, coated stainless steel mesh panel – fitted with a full aluminium frame. They can be tailored for windows, doors, patio and other openings. Clear Guard security screens are gaining popularity because they’re transparent and enhance aesthetic appeal on top of being a barrier.

Tips for Choosing Security Gates

  • Look for security gates with high strength under attack.
  • Buy security gates with strong locks.
  • Check warranties and guaranties.
  • Consider the level of crime in your area and what type of security gate would be appropriate.
  • Consult with a professional first that will help you reflect on other factors.

For more on these tips, see How to Choose the Best Security Gate for Your Home and Business.

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