#TrellidorAnswers: How To Clean Louvre Shutterss

“Uncluttered protection” is what is always held in the same breath as Security Shutters. This one streamlined product is a secure & sophisticated solution for windows and doors of many homes because it replaces blinds, curtaining and burglar bars. A simple but elegant choice that additionally and more importantly, serves as a protective barrier.

Let’s first recap and recount what Security Shutters are – further found in our #TrellidorAnswers: What Are Louvre Shutterss article. Shutters are described as “Solid and stable door or window coverings usually consisting of a frame of vertical stiles or horizontal rails (top, centre and bottom).

Set within this frame can be louvres – both operable or fixed, horizontal or vertical.”This form of covering is used for different functions and they include controlling the amount of sun that enters a room; providing privacy; protection against turbulent weather conditions; defence against intrusion; and the enhancement of aesthetics.

Security Shutters are also a leading protection selection because they are low maintenance and don’t require manic upkeep. However, over time, exposure to different elements does cause weathering and lack of attention & care may cause unfavourable outcomes. Let’s discuss some key tips revealing how to clean and maintain your security shutters.

Tip #1 – Use natural cleaning agents if your shutters are powder coated

If your shutters are powder coated like Trellidor Louvre Shutterss, it’s recommended that you use a natural agent so that it doesn’t decay or remove the coating. This coating allows shutters to be free of dirt and makes use of a powder coating systems that includes a pre-treatment process enhancing corrosion and UV resistance. With such a coating, the dirt will be wiped off easily with just water, making it crucial to want to preserve.

Remember not to allow dirt, grime and salt to accumulate on the powder coating.

Tip #2 – Clean regularly

We know we mentioned that Security Shutters are low maintenance so you might ask why we’re discussing cleaning them regularly? Well, what we mean is that your shutters should be mildly cleaned at least in 3 to 6 months intervals depending on where they are installed. Not much of a task, right? If you live seaside or in an area where there’s high pollution, we propose a monthly clean and a bit more attention. Furthermore, cleaning aluminium shutters often will preserve them and make them last longer.

When cleaning your Security Shutters, all you need to do is dust them carefully first using a soft dusting cloth; getting in between each shutter to pick up any remaining dirt or dust. Then wash them down with warm water, a non-abrasive pH neutral detergent and a soft cloth or a brush.

(Pro Tip – You can use the vacuum machine while cleaning so that there’s no dust left behind. Dust debris can prevent shutters from shutting down smoothly).

Tip #3 – Check the brackets and hinges

Brackets and hinges control the movement of shutters and ensure they move easily, playing a key role in the smooth functioning of your security barrier. Given this important task, they need to be checked regularly and ought to be lubricated from time to time so that the shutters don’t get stuck while attempting to open or close.

(ProTip – A safe bet would be to lubricate them at least once every year).

Tip #4 –Sliding panels should be handled carefully

The sliding panels are important parts of the shutter. When cleaning them, it’s very crucial that you handle with care while opening or closing – especially when the sliding panel is closing to its locking position.

(Pro Tip – Lubricate the hinges regularly so that the aluminium shutters function without much friction, enabling you to use less excessive force when using them).

Exterior Shutters

Cleaning Louvre Shutterss outside your home can get a bit complicated. Here are steps to follow for a simple clean:

  1. Use a soft-bristled cleaning brush to wipe the shutters clean. Sweep and throw away the fallen debris.
  2. Rinse the shutters with a garden hose or pressure washer.
  3. Fill a bucket with warm water and a mild detergent. Dip a mop into the bucket and use it to clean the shutters from top to bottom.
  4. Rinse the shutters again with the hose or pressure washer.
  5. Wipe the shutters with another clean brush.


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