Travel Safety Basics to Know While on Vacation

Travelling is one the most eye-opening and exciting experiences that you can embark on. Whether you travel regularly or want to go on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, your safety must be considered during the travel preparations. The following safety basics will assist you in having a memorable and safe trip.

  1. Photocopy or backup important documents

    When you are travelling, you never know when you will need a copy of your passport, driver’s license or other documents that can be used for identification purposes. Therefore, you should print out several copies of these documents and scan these documents to save them online. If you are asked for them, you won’t have to scramble to find the necessary documentation.
  1. Get travel insurance

    Travel insurance is crucial as it offers financial coverage for anything that might occur during the vacation. If you were forced to cut your trip short or you had to altogether cancel the trip due to injury or illness, travel insurance would assist you in getting back the money you spent through either a refund or insurance payout. Travel insurance can be helpful if someone is injured or gets sick on a mountain trek when you might require emergency helicopter rescue or evacuation. You do not have to stress about the costs associated if you need emergency services, as long as the services required are part of the plan.
  1. Ensure that your smartphone is working at all times

    When travelling as a family, ensure that each family member has their smartphone with them at all times. By ensuring that each family member has their smartphone at all times, you will be able to contact one another. This could be helpful when you split up as you can coordinate your meet-up points. Having a smartphone in hand will also allow you to get an Uber, allowing you to find nearby landmarks, and if you get lost, there are maps that you can use to find your way.
  1. Use safe accommodations

    When choosing accommodation, people tend to choose the cheapest option as accommodation can get expensive. However, choosing to go with the most affordable alternative could lead to sacrificing safety, which can be even more dangerous, especially if you are travelling with children. When travelling, it would be ideal that you look for family-friendly accommodation and check the reviews of the hotel and the surrounding area. Ensure that the accommodation that you choose has security measures in place as this will guarantee your safety and of your valuables when you are sleeping or you are out exploring.  
  1. Safeguard your hotel room

    Even if your hotel room has all the security measures in place, you should always take steps to make your room safer. Ensure that you keep the blinds or windows closed when leaving the room. When you want to leave the room to explore, you should give the impression that you are in the room, which you could do by placing the Do Not Disturb sign outside the door.

    You can use a lock and deadbolt the door. You can also invest in a jammer, a portable device that you can slip under the door for extra protection. Refrain from giving strangers access to your room even if they say they work for the hotel. You can check if they are part of the staff if you are unsure by calling the front desk to check if the hotel staff ordered the person to come to your room.
  1. Be careful when using public Wi-Fi

    The convenience of internet access could cloud your judgement. There are many dangers of using public Wi-Fi as hackers are always looking to steal valuable data such as your credit card information. If you want to use a wireless internet service, you can set up a virtual private network (VPN) which allows you to securely access the internet during your vacation.
  1. Be mindful of your surroundings

    When you are out exploring, you must keep an eye on your personal belongings. Though travelling gives you the opportunities to meet new people and their cultures, you should always use your good judgement, especially when talking to strangers.
  1. Be careful about what you share on social media

    We live in a social media world, and it might be tempting to post every moment of your holiday, but it is crucial to practice safe sharing. Sharing pictures and videos of you and your family during the vacation might seem harmless at the time. However, you will be revealing too much information about where you are, where you are going, what you are doing, whom you are doing it with and where you are staying.


Vacations are most enjoyable when you do not have to worry about your safety. By following the travel safety tips offered above, you will be better prepared for the moment when you leave for your vacation and you avoid any unwanted mishaps.

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