Top Features That Make the GriffinGuard a Main Attraction


Trellidor GriffinGuard is a see-through stainless steel mesh screen that is fitted next to windows, doors, in passages, around patios and just about any other opening in a home or office. One of its main attractions is its price. It is very affordable and yet it still has the strength expected of a Trellidor product.

GriffinGuard is the second clear guard product line introduced to South Africans by Trellidor. There is a high security version called ‘Trellidor Clear Guard’ that was a brand-new concept developed by Trellidor and launched to the local security market almost a decade ago.

But many people looking for clear barriers do not need this level of protection. They are looking for the other attractions of GriffinGuard to enhance their lifestyles.

The top ten features of GriffinGuard clear security screens:

  1. They are reasonably priced. This is good news for anyone that wants to fit them to every window and door in their home, or even just around a large patio or open plan entertainment area. It can be an expensive investment in quality of life, so this new clear guard design is very welcome.
  2. There is no compromise on strength. These security screens offer a high level of protection even though they are cheaper than Clear Guard. Trellidor products are always designed with internal strengthening features, even when this is not the primary reason for people buying them. Trellidor is first and foremost a security barrier manufacturer, so even decorative products have an element of strength built into them.
  3. Strong Trellidor locks are fitted into each unit. These are strong, dependable, and easy to use locks that provide an extra layer of protection, both for keeping intruders out and keeping children inside when you can’t watch them every minute of the day.
  4. GriffinGuard can be fitted to doors and windows. GriffinGuard is custom-made to fit any opening, so you can have matching window and door protection. This is such a clean-lined product that it looks really sophisticated and trendy when fitted to all openings in a room.
  5. GriffinGuard is multi-purpose. Yes, it offers protection against intruders, but clear guard screens are often fitted for other reasons. People love the fact that the woven stainless steel mesh screen blocks out insects and other wildlife like snakes and monkeys. And that it does this without spoiling the view. This is such a bonus when you have a gorgeous outlook, such as a pretty garden, wild bushveld, or the sea.
  6. It’s a good-looking form of clear security. GriffinGuard, just like Clear Guard, has a full four-sided, narrow aluminium frame in a colour of your choice. It fits neatly into the opening, so it does not detract from your décor at all. The mesh screen is hardly noticeable because you see straight through it. And all the hinges and handles are colour coated black to blend in with the mesh screen. This is one of the prettiest forms of door and window protection on the market.
  7. It helps with internal temperature moderation. The coated stainless steel mesh screen filters UV rays, which protects furniture from fading and helps to reduce internal temperatures. The mesh also allows fresh air to flow inside.
  8. Flexible installation options. GriffinGuard screens can be mounted in the reveal of the window or door, or face-on, depending on the location. Not all homes have deep reveals that can accommodate blinds, burglar proofing plus the window. Sometimes windows are positioned half-way into the reveal, leaving little space for anything else. Or there is no reveal at all, as is the case in many new apartments and houses on estates. Whatever the situation in your home, your Trellidor sales consultant will be able to design a plan to fit GriffinGuard units for you, either in the reveal or around the window if there is no space.
  9. Beautiful powder coated surface finish. All Trellidor products are manufactured at our LPCB ISO audited factory. The process of making each security or lifestyle barrier includes a pre-treatment for enhanced corrosion and UV resistance. This gives the GriffinGuard a high-quality finish and increases its lifespan. They can safely be fitted into both coastal and inland homes or office. Like all home fittings, they do require periodic cleaning to retain the finish and also to keep the warranty valid.
  10. The all-important ‘extras.’ Security screen doors and windows are a specialised product that requires technical knowledge to measure, order and install. You can get all this as well as great after-sales service from your local Trellidor store. They will provide you with a personal consultation and talk you through what stainless steel mesh screens can offer you.

Homes most suitable for GriffinGuard security screens:

  • Apartments, where the screens stop children from accidently falling out of windows or off verandas. They also work well for rooms that get full, baking sun in summer as they help to screen out the worst of the heat.
  • Estates, where they provide protection from petty theft and also create some privacy from neighbours.
  • Eco-estates, where they keep out the natural wildlife that is encourages in these developments.
  • Golf estates, where they stop golf balls from breaking glass if the screens are fitted to the outside of windows or stop the glass from falling inside if the screens are fitted inside the home.
  • Game lodges, where insects can be blocked out, but interesting animals can still be viewed from inside bedrooms and public areas.
  • Homes and offices in areas where mosquitoes and other insects are a pest.
  • Homes and offices in areas where monkeys or baboons are a problem.

Trellidor security barriers are only available through authorised Trellidor franchises. Find your nearest Trellidor outlet to get a quote.

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