Top Cottage Guard Burglar Bars Benefits

Cottage Guard burglar bars are burglar proofing that is made to match cottage pane windows. They are also used for large glass pane windows, where they create a cottage pane effect. It is manufactured by Trellidor under the product name ‘Trellidor Cottage Guard’.

So why would you choose Cottage Guard burglar bars over other types of burglar proofing when they all seem to do a similar job of protecting you from a break-in? Well, this particular product has several top benefits that make it a better quality burglar bar and therefore worth considering for your home.

Best burglar bars for window security

Trellidor Cottage Guard is a premium quality burglar bar system that has few rivals on the market in terms of strength. It is highly resistant to an attack by the tools that burglars and home invaders use.

The strength of this burglar bar comes from the way it is made. It is manufactured in a cruciform using square aluminium tubing reinforced with a steel bar through the centre of each tube.  This provides it with exceptional strength so that it doesn’t snap or buckle when attacked with a variety of commonly used tools.

When you know how it is made, you understand why Cottage Guard is not the cheapest burglar proofing on the market. Quality costs money, but if you are ever in a situation when your burglar bars are all that stand between you and a home invasion, you will be glad to have spent the money.

The main benefits of choosing Cottage Guard burglar bars for your windows:

  • This is one of the strongest forms of window burglar bar on the market, keeping you far safer than most other burglar proofing.
  • It is custom manufactured to fit each window to make sure it fits properly, increasing its strength under attack.
  • The burglar bars have a full, four-sided frame for increased window protection.
  • The burglar bars are fixed into the substrate (wall) surrounding the window, also to increase the strength of the unit when being attacked by the tools that burglars use. Many other types of burglar bar are just nailed into the window frame and are not very strong.
  • The manufacturing process includes pre-treatment for enhanced corrosion and UV resistance, which makes these burglar bars suitable for both coastal and inland conditions.
  • It can be manufactured to match the gaps of existing cottage pane windows, making them hardly noticeable, especially if powder coated in a matching colour.
  • Opening sizes, however, should comply with insurance specifications. The gaps can’t be big enough for a small person to squeeze through.
  • Cottage Guard burglar bars can be used to create a cottage pane effect if installed to protect large and vulnerable expanses of glass.
  • The Cottage Guard units are installed without any welding necessary, so there are no weak points for corrosion to set in.
  • The burglar bars can be powder coated to blend in with the home’s décor palette so that it becomes barely noticeable.

Where to use Cottage Guard burglar bars

Because Cottage Guard burglar bars are top quality and a little more expensive than other types of burglar proofing, your budget may not allow you to use them on every window. Here are some ideas of where to install the best burglar bars if you can’t afford to use them on every window.

  • Use them to protect cottage pane windows, where they are hardly noticeable until you need them to protect you from a break-in.
  • They’re ideal for new buildings and home alterations. Use Cottage Guard to provide excellent protection for plain glass windows in vulnerable areas like ground floor windows or windows hidden from view.
  • Fit them to windows in your safe zone, usually the bedroom area. You can install lower quality burglar bars in other areas of the house, knowing that you are protected in the safe zone where you’ve used the best burglar bars for premium safety.
  • Because Trellidor Cottage Guard is so strong it is ideal for ground floor windows in a multi-storey building.
  • Use them on any windows with a view as this burglar proofing is not as cluttered as conventional burglar bars.
  • Cottage Guard is not just for homes. It is a good choice for commercial premises too, particularly after hours when these premises are particularly prone to robbery.

Best burglar bars for safe zones

As already mentioned, Cottage Guard is a good option for protecting windows in your bedroom safe zone. The only problem is that these burglar bars cannot be opened. If there is a fire in the house or a hostage situation, you may need to get out of the house through a window. For safety’s sake, it is advisable to have burglar proofing that can open on at least one window in your safe zone.

A good one to consider is Clear Guard by Trellidor. This consists of a stainless steel mesh panel with an aluminium frame. It can be custom-made in many formats, most of which can be opened up if necessary.

For example, you can have a Clear Guard burglar bar in a hinged format fitted to a bedroom window. It will provide you with an emergency exit as it can be unlocked to give you access to the window. The bonus is that this burglar proofing is see-through, so you’ll have a clear view of the outside.

With Trellidor, your two types of burglar bar, Cottage Guard and Clear Guard, can be powder coated to match. This will provide you with seamless security and you won’t even notice there are different products on some of the windows.

The see-through properties of Clear Guard also make it popular for passage doors. Fitted in your passage, it creates a barrier that prevents burglars from getting into your safe zone. You can see what’s happening on the other side through the Clear Guard door and can then take appropriate action, calling for help if you need to while staying safe behind the door.

What Cottage Guard burglar bars cost and where to get them

These are definitely not DIY burglar bars available off-the-shelf at a retail outlet. They are premium quality burglar bars that must be professionally installed to maintain their integrity and also in terms of the warranty provided. 

Like all Trellidor security barriers, Trellidor Cottage Guard is custom-made to fit the opening and its specific requirements, so there is no standard price. Trellidor security barriers are available through authorised Trellidor franchises countrywide and they will gladly measure the opening and give you a quotation.

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