Top 3 Security Barriers to Protect Your Unmanned Business Throughout Lockdown

Business premises closed under the national lockdown in South Africa have been vulnerable to burglary. There are fears that these crimes will continue to increase even once lockdown levels are reduced. Criminals are already taking advantage of the situation, reportedly looting businesses around the country. Trellidor has three security barriers that will protect an unoccupied business.

How to secure businesses throughout lockdown

With companies like Trellidor reopening their factories for emergency installations, now is the time to improve security measures and avoid business burglary. Trellidor franchises around the country are available to discuss how to do this and what products to use. Give your local franchise a call and find out how best prevent business burglary during lockdown.

There are many ways to tighten security at business premises. The best advice, as always, is to install several layers of protective measures, making it difficult for criminals to get inside and help themselves to your stock, electronic equipment and anything else they can steal in order to sell.

The list of possible security methods for businesses includes:

  • Physical barriers that block entry to the premises by criminals.
  • Alarm systems.
  • Cameras with a link to an armed response company control room.
  • Security guards that patrol regularly.

Our advice is to contact experts in any of these areas and find out what their products can do to protect your business. Trellidor sales consultants are happy to advise on physical security barriers that will do an excellent job of securing the premises.

An image of Retractable Security Gates in a retail environment.

The top three security barriers for unmanned businesses

The physical security methods that are installed to protect businesses left empty during the lockdown period will depend on many factors. These include budget, location, the type of building and the number of access points.

For example, a retail business located inside a shopping centre may only have two entrances, front and back. The entire front entrance could be secured with a roller shutter and the back door with a steel sliding security gate.

Larger premises inside a business park will probably require a lot more planning and products to make it secure enough to avoid business burglary during lockdown.

Here you may want to consider:

  • Fixed security gates on the windows.
  • Retractable security gates on access doors as well as selected internal doors.
  • Security shutters on selected entry points.

Let’s look at each of these options in turn.

Fixed security gates for businesses

This type of security barrier is burglar proofing for windows. It is fixed next to the window to stop burglars from getting inside the premises once they’ve broken the glass in the window. It is best to fit these inside the premises so that robbers first have to break the windows to get to them. This means they risk discovery due to noise and the time it takes to break through.

There are many options available in terms of style, but most fixed security gates are made from steel or aluminium. Many of them have a trellis pattern running across the burglar proofing.

The choice of fixed security gate will have to take budget into account. Products range in price from cheap off-the-shelf versions that can be fitted by just about anyone to more expensive custom-made designs installed by security companies.

The cheaper versions are relatively flimsy and can’t stand up to a determined attack during a business burglary. This is especially true if the robbers have plenty of time to break through the security barriers to get inside.

During lockdown criminals have plenty of time to break in. The police are busy enforcing lockdown rules and are unlikely to have the capacity to patrol empty office parks too. Robbers therefore have all the time they need to break into unmanned businesses.

Custom-made fixed security gates are the best choice because:

  • They fit more tightly into the space around the window, making them stronger under attack.
  • The steel or aluminium they are made from is generally of a better quality and therefore stronger.
  • There is sometimes reinforcing to ensure these fixed security gates are difficult to get through.
  • They’re treated to prevent corrosion.

Superior quality fixed security gates are obviously better at stopping business crime and so are worth the extra investment.

Take a look at Trellidor Fixed burglar proofing and Trellidor Cottage Guard burglar bars.

Retractable security gates for businesses

Good quality retractable or sliding security gates are ideal for access doors as well as some internal doors, such as the entrance to stock rooms and central electronic control rooms. If custom-made by a reputable supplier, these gates will help prevent theft at business premises, whether during lockdown or afterwards.

Many sliding security gates look similar but they are not all the same. The better the quality of these gates, the longer they will hold out against a bashing by robbers. Trellidor manufactures several different models, including one that has been rated as one of the strongest sliding security gates in the world.

Retractable security gates are a simple, easy to use solution to protecting unmanned business premises. They can be installed to fit just about any size doorway. If supplied by Trellidor, they have patented locking systems that are strong under attack and are fully framed for built-in strength.

Retractable gates are not only for doorways. They can be used instead of conventional burglar proofing to protect windows. They are very convenient because they can be opened for easy window cleaning. They also provide an alternative escape exit in case of an emergency, such as an armed robbery when staff are on the premises.

Security shutters for businesses

Rolling security shutters are the top choice of security barriers for retail outlets. They are used to protect shop fronts from threats such as theft of stock when closed to trading or from vandals during mass marches or periods of unrest.

Once in the closed position, Trellidor Rollerstyle aluminium shutters lock down securely, preventing anyone from getting inside the business premises.  

When the business opens for trading again, the shutters roll up into an overhead shutter box that can be concealed inside a ceiling cavity. They are neatly hidden and out of the way of customers.

This type of security shutter can be fully automated, with a manual override system in case of power failure. Automated shutters are so convenient and easy to operate that they are often the product of choice for windows and other openings in business premises too.

Rolling security shutters don’t require any floor space or cut-in tracks, so there is no tripping hazard, making them compliant with health and safety regulations. The guide channels in the side walls are narrow and can usually be recessed into the wall for a tidy installation.

Use rolling security shutters to protect:

  • Entrance doors to business premises.
  • Dispatch areas at the back of the premises.
  • Passageways, to block off access to the rest of the premises.
  • Windows.
  • Storage areas.
  • Doors that access the business premises from the parking garage.

Visit the Trellidor website to see installations of these three top security barriers for unmanned businesses, whether its for the lockdown period or beyond.

Or book an appointment to talk to a Trellidor consultant about what you need to secure your business. 

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