The Role of Burglar Guard Bars in Keeping Your Business Safe

A well-thought-out security plan for business premises should cover all entry points for criminals. Burglar bars on windows are an essential component of such a plan because they block off easy access through windows, especially when doors are well-protected from a break-in. There are many different commercial burglar guard designs and Trellidor manufactures some of the strongest versions, making them ideal for businesses.


The choice of burglar guards for a business will be influenced by features such as:

  • The available budget
  • The type of substrate surrounding the windows that the burglar bars will be attached to
  • The level of security risk in the area where the business is located
  • How important décor, ambience and first impressions are
  • Whether the burglar bars need to open or simply fixed in place permanently or a combination of these burglar guard configurations
  • What it is that needs protecting by the burglar bars

The role of burglar guard bars is to stop intruders from getting into the commercial premises through the windows. The likelihood of this happening depends on the crime risk profile of the area where the premises is located. 

If the risk of a break-in is low, then the business can save costs by choosing a lower priced burglar guard design. If the risk of a break-in is high, then it is advisable to install the strongest burglar guards available: saving on cost here will be expensive in the long run.

Window burglar guards should be part of a package of security measures, which includes reliable physical barriers on doors, an alarm system, armed response, movement sensors and security guards. 

If budget is severely limited, then the absolute minimum in terms of business security is physical barriers on all doors and windows. This at least will make it difficult and time-consuming for criminals to break in, forcing them to risk being caught in the act.


Budget-friendly but dependable

Trellidor Burglar Guard and Trellidor Poly Guard are at the lower end of the price scale. Both burglar guard designs have features that suit business premises in medium crime risk areas. If they’re part of a holistic business security plan that includes other security measure like burglar alarms, movement sensors and cameras, they are a good deterrent to criminals.

Burglar Guard is made from galvanised steel. It is semi-framed for strength and there are three patterns to choose from. Each unit is custom-made to fit the window and is fixed into place with tamper-proof fixings. These burglar bars can be fitted internally, externally, face-on, in the reveal, horizontally or vertically, depending on the requirements of the windows in the premises.

Trellidor Poly Guard is made from Polycarbonate panels with a full, four-sided frame. Its most attractive feature is that the burglar bars are see-through and hardly noticeable once installed. This design is suited to low crime risk locations such as the upper storeys of commercial buildings. It is often chosen for areas where monkeys or baboons are a pest because they can’t get through the bars. 



Superior strength for world-class protection

Traditional Trellidor trellis-style security barriers for windows are strong, dependable under attack, and visible enough to serve as a deterrent to criminals. There is a range of models that increase in strength along with price. 

The top sliding gates in this range have been internationally certified for strength under attack, so if the commercial premises stores high value merchandise or electronics of any kind these are the burglar guard designs to install for protection from theft and vandalism.

There are affordably priced trellis gates for windows too. They are excellent value for money and have a long history of reliability when it comes to resisting an attack by criminals on commercial buildings. They play a large part in protecting large windows on storefronts from vandalism and theft.

You can choose between sliding or fixed Traditional Trellidor burglar guard configurations. They look exactly the same, the difference being that ‘fixed’ burglar bars are fitted permanently in place and can’t open, while ‘sliding’ burglar bars can be opened as an escape route or even for housekeeping tasks such as window cleaning.

Take a look at the various Traditional Trellidor burglar guards available for business premises


Unsurpassed strength for high-risk locations

At the top end of the list of suitable purpose-designed burglar guards for businesses is Trellidor Cottage Guard. This is a cottage pane style design with few rivals on the market in terms of strength under attack. 

Cottage Guard is made from square aluminium tubing reinforced with a threaded steel rod through the centre of each tube. It is fixed into the substrate surrounding the window and not into the window itself. This design provides exceptional window protection in terms of strength under attack. 


Interesting alternative for commercial burglar guards

Burglar guard bars for windows in commercial premises don’t have look conventional to be effective. Roller shutters are commonly used as doors in commercial premises, but they work equally well as burglar proofing for windows.

Trellidor Rollerstyle shutters are made from aluminium and are easily custom-made for windows as an alternative to burglar bars. With these shutters on doors and windows, the premises can be locked down at night or whenever the building is vacant.

Trellidor franchises have experienced consultants that can help with the choice of the right burglar guards for your business. They are happy to visit the premises, share advice on the burglar bar options available and give you a quote on as many designs as you like so that you can compare them.


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