The true cost of online security gate prices

Online security gate prices can be misleading. Do your homework before making your choice.

The internet is a great tool when you’re researching something.

But it should come with a buyer beware warning because what you see is not always what you get when it comes to security gate prices.

Things you don’t notice affect security gate prices

Security gates often look the same to the untrained eye.

So you’d think it was perfectly reasonable to compare security gates and prices from different suppliers on-line.

You could then make your decision on which was the best value for money, get it installed and the job is done.

There’s a big BUT looming here. You won’t be comparing products equally and may end up making an expensive mistake.


Comparing security product prices online:

  • Custom-made or DIY?  The strongest security gates are custom made to fit the doorway. A gate made specially for your home is going to be more expensive than buying one off-the-shelf, hence the difference in costs.
  • Framed or not? Some security gates are only partially framed, which makes it easier to bend the bars and get through into the house. Look for fully framed gates for a stronger product if you want a more reliable barrier.
  • Sash construction: Most sliding security gates have single upright bars with every two uprights joined together by links. Trellidor use double upright bars (front and back) with links joining three uprights for extra sash strength.
  • Locking points? Most cheap security doors lock in only one or two places inside the lock stile. Trellidor sliding security gates all lock in three places inside the lock stile, making it more difficult for thieves to break the lock.
  • Corrosion resistant? Rust is the enemy of good security because it weakens the security gate. Poor powder coating won’t last and you’ll have to repair or replace the cheap gate sooner than expected. Make sure the gate you’re looking at is pre-treated for corrosion then coated in a UV resistant powder coating.
  • Warranties? If the warranty you’re offered on a cheap security gate seems too good to be true, it probably is. Read the fine print. Then you’ll know exactly how many hoops you’ll have to jump through to make good on the burglar proofing warranty if things go wrong.

There are loads of other differences between cheap, less reliable security gates and stronger ones. We can’t list them all here. So call in all your suppliers and get them to point out the qualities of each security door model they sell. Then you can do a proper comparison and make your choice based on facts not marketing ploys.



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