Safety Apps for GBV & Domestic Abuse Victims

There have been increasing levels of gender-based abuse, harassment and violence in South Africa and women need to take measures to ensure that they are safe as they lead their daily lives. Technology has become essential for women to protect themselves; luckily, some apps and smartphones enable women to do that. We will look at the personal safety apps that women can use to protect themselves.



BSafe is a personal safety application where the users can create a “social safety network” where the individuals will be notified when there is an emergency or in situations where the user does not feel safe. The app has features that enable users to invite their friends and family to follow their location through GPS when they are on the move. They could quickly send their location information to their friends, set a timer that would send an alarm automatically to their friends if they don’t return in time to switch it off or initiate a fake call if they required an interruption.

If an emergency occurred, the user could send an alarm to their friends with the location information. The user would also decide whether the alarm should be silent if they want to discreetly sound it or sound a loud noise. The app can initiate a video recording when the alarm is pushed. Users can also use a pin code on the app to increase security.



MYSOS is an emergency app that provides access to emergency assistance when you do know who to call, and you do not know where you are, but you want to notify your mySOS contacts about your SOS exact location and your emergency. If you don’t know where you are, the application will assist you as users will be able to navigate services directly to your location in an emergency.

The application includes the Near Me feature, which offers users access to contact details and addresses for hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, vets, dentists and police stations in South Africa. Users can use the Track Me feature to track any journey in the country.



Namola is a live tracking mobile application that allows South Africans to keep themselves and their loved ones safe and connected. This app also ensures that users get the best emergency assistance straight to their location when required. Users can also share their locations through GPS with their loved ones, ensuring that they remain safe and receive smart alerts when travelling. On top of these free features, there is Namola Plus, an optional monthly subscription that alerts private emergency medical services, armed response and their loved ones in a crisis.



The app Eyerus lets users in danger record evidence of violence, which will be immediately stored on a cloud. The accumulated evidence will be shared with law enforcement when a case is opened, and private security will be dispatched to where the victim is.

The application has several danger stages which users can control. The green alert mode is the first stage when the user is safe and sound. The amber alert mode is the second stage. It allows users to audio record the activity occurring around them and activates live location tracking; this information will also be stored on a cloud.

The red alert is the third stage which activates live recording that is shared with your loved ones and uploaded on a cloud while sharing your location. The last stage is the blue alert mode, where private security will be dispatched to your location.


Eyewatch SOS for women

Eyewatch is a mobile application that enables women to send alert messages to their family and friends. In case of emergency, they will be able to send alerts to police authorities. When users download the app, the app will ask them to add the contact details of at least two guardians and the details of a doctor and security personnel. Users can also register up to eight guardians.

When users feel threatened, they can use the app to send their location, video signatures and audio to their protectors when they press the panic button. These recordings can be forwarded to the Police Control Room, and they can come to help you.


Bull Horns Panic Button

The Bull Horns Panic Button mobile application will turn your phone into a panic button and will instantly send notifications, SMS and silently call your emergency contacts. If you were in danger, all you would need to do is shake your phone to alert your family, friends and the security company to assist you at your exact location. The app also includes an optional service in South Africa where users can get help from the nearest PSIRA-registered armed responder on the Aura network.




South Africa has incredibly high levels of domestic abuse, and mobile technology plays a crucial role in assisting people in getting help which could save their lives. The apps listed above are proven effective in keeping people safe wherever they go.




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