Safe Room Supplies – 6 Essential Items to Stock Up On

What is a safe room?

A safe room is a secure place you can easily create in your house that you can escape to in case of an emergency. Most safe rooms are designed in such a manner that they are capable of withstanding myriad forms of calamities- from a home invasion to a tornado. This becomes a safe zone in your house to be accessed in dangerous situations.

Any conventional room of your house can be turned into a safe room by incorporating some extra security features and maintaining a reserve of certain necessary items to see you through the emergency. The whole purpose of the safe room is that it shields you from the outside forces you are trying to escape from, and once you let yourself in the room, you have all the items you would need to sustain yourself while you wait for help to arrive.

The importance of a safe room

In today’s era of ever-increasing crimes and natural disasters precipitated by climate change, the idea of a safe room is not at all extreme. In fact, it is a prudent way of ensuring you and your family’s safety in an unforeseen situation.

A safe room can become your fortress if you ever come under an attack from burglars, terrorists, or kidnappers. They can also be designed to keep you sheltered from hurricanes, radiation, or biological attacks. Hence, it is very crucial that you stock up your safe room with items that you will absolutely need in such extreme cases.

We have compiled a list of six safe rooms essentials:

  • Water

Water being one of the essential elements we need to survive, every safe room must have a considerable reserve of drinking water to last for at least a week. Large containers of bottled water are easily available in all supermarkets. These hold a lot of water and are also cheaper than collecting smaller-sized bottles. For a more environmentally-conscious choice, consider re-using milk cartons or juice bottles. Once you are done with them, wash them, fill them with drinking water and store them in your safe room. This is probably the cleanest and cheapest alternative for storing water.

  • Food

Right behind water comes food as an absolute essential to have in a safe room. Even if you are holed in the safe zone for a few hours, you will need some food for nourishment to keep your energy levels up. There are several choices available in the market when it comes to food that is congenial to long-term storage. Stores specializing in camping supplies carry a lot of dried food options. Even general grocery stores have aisles filled with canned food options that have meat, vegetables and fruits in them for all your nutritional needs. These non-perishables may not be as good as the real deal, but will keep your hunger satiated in tough times.

Apart from that, you can also stock up on food items that usually have a long shelf life, like packets of crisps, biscuits, dry fruits, bars of chocolate and meat jerkies. Keep stores of dry baby and pet food in case you have children and pets in your family. Remember to periodically check up on the food you have stored in case they expire or get infested by ants and rodents. This will ensure that your food supplies are fit to be consumed when a mishap occurs.

  • First aid

Another safe room essential you must stock up on is a first aid kit. You do not know in what condition you and your family members will end up in the safe room, so you need to be prepared with a first aid kit. It must be equipped with band-aids, gauzes, burn ointment, disinfectant, eye dressing, skin rash cream, antiseptic cream, thermometer, safety pins, tweezers, sterile gloves and common painkillers like ibuprofen and paracetamol.

If you or any of your family members take some medication on a regular basis, then remember to stock up reserves of that particular medicine. Tampons, sanitary napkins and diapers must be stored as well, depending on your needs. Also, from time to time, check the medicines for expiry and replace them when needed.

  • Phone

Once you reach your safe room, you will need to contact the emergency authorities for help. So, you need a phone in the safe room at all times. A cellular pre-paid phone is the best option. Instead of taking on an expensive monthly plan for a phone you will rarely use, a pre-paid phone will only cost you the minutes you are on it. It is a cheap and effective option. However, ensure that your safe room gets phone service in the first place. Construct your safe zone in a place that receives strong phone reception to quickly connect with authorities who can come to your aid.

Also, consider keeping a radio in the safe room. In case of a natural disaster, the radio will be another lifeline for you- letting you know what the situation is like outside and whether it is safe to venture out.

  • Toilet

Your safe room must have a portable toilet where you and your family can easily go. It will keep the room clean and hygienic.

  • Light Source

Keep several flashlights handy in the safe room. Stock up on extra batteries and also some candles and matches in case the flashlights do not work for some reason. Stay prepared, stay safe.

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