Popular Security Gate Selections for Retail Businesses

Retail businesses have similar security problems to those that we experience at home. Issues such as how to protect what’s in the shop from theft without making the place look like a jail. Or how to prevent a break-in at night. Then there are other common concerns like how to secure odd-shaped windows or very big doorways.

Shops and offices have other physical security requirements such as how to protect sensitive areas like centralised electrical control centres, stock rooms, IT departments and despatch areas

The products needed to solve all these difficulties are also similar to these used in homes. Popular selections include retractable security gates, fixed security gates, security shutters, clear guard and roller shutters. These are all excellent choices for retail shops. The choice will depend on several factors.

How to choose security gates for your retail business

Trellidor offers several security solutions for retailers in addition to traditional trellis-style range of fixed and retractable security gates.  You may need to decide on different designs for different areas of the retail business, depending on each area’s use.

The choice of security gate design depends on:

  • The building’s risk profile

This includes aspects such as its location, architectural features, and future occupants. Is the security risk high, requiring top-of-the-range retractable gates that have been internationally certified for strength? Or is the security risk low, requiring a gate that is more of a deterrent?

Trellidor has designed one of the strongest retractable security gates in the world. It has been fitted into several London Underground train stations. In general, most retail shops do not need such a highly strengthened security gate.

There are other models in this range that are just as effective in protecting the retail outlet without the same cost. They are fitted with patented Trellidor locking systems that are very easy to use. Once closed and locked, these steel or aluminium gates provide a high level of protection from theft.

  • The building’s design

For example, can its construction accommodate recessed barriers? Does it need barriers that use up very little floor space, like roller shutters?

If the building has an impressive public entrance area, louvre security shutters may be a good option. They are sophisticated and stylish, providing security while enhancing the décor and creating the right impression for customers.

Clear Guard security screens are an excellent product for windows because they provide protection without looking like security gates or burglar proofing. They are also see-through, so they maintain the visual flow of the retail business premises.

An image of Trellidor Clear Guard in an office.

Roller shutters are very popular for the entrance doorway to retail businesses. They lock down the premises securely after trading hours. They can be automated and remote controlled, which is very convenient for staff locking up at night. These shutters can be made for windows too.

  • Health and safety requirements

Does the retail business need to take health and safety regulations into account, like providing wheelchair access? Or must provision be made for emergencies such as fire escapes?

Some security gates can assist with these requirements. The bottom track on Trellidor retractable security gates is an example.  It can be recessed into the floor so that wheelchairs can move easily over it.

Roller shutters do not need a bottom track at all, as it rolls up into the shutter box along side channels in the wall. The floor is left free of tripping hazards.

Retail businesses in the food industry should consider clear guard security screens on doors and windows. They block out health hazards such as pigeons, other birds, monkeys and mosquitoes while still allowing air to flow into the building.

  • Architectural features

Retail outlets are sometimes designed with architectural features that are difficult to secure. Some are decorative, while others are practical like entrance doors that are several metres wide to allow in a high volume of shoppers.

Popular security gates for very wide doorways are retractable steel gates. Gates made by Trellidor are designed to stack neatly to the side when open, taking up far less space than you’d imagine for extra large gates. With consultation with Trellidor during the planning phase of a retail business, these gates can be hidden in a wall panel included in the building design plans.

An image of Retractable Security Gates in a retail environment.

Roller shutters can also be hidden away, out of sight when rolled up. In this case, the shutter box is concealed in the ceiling, creating a very neat installation.

Clear guard security screens are versatile and a good choice for interesting window styles. They can be manufactured to match the design of the windows. A sash window will have a sash clear guard unit to protect it. A sliding window will have a sliding clear guard unit next to it. Clear guard can be manufactured in a fixed security gate format too.

  • Budget constraints

Budgets are frequently limited in shopfitting, so it makes sense to select a range of security gates for retail businesses. High quality, expensive security gates, whether fixed or retractable, can be specified for high security risk areas such as the entrance door, stock room and ground floor windows.

Less expensive security gates that are not as strong can be specified for lower security risk areas such as internal doors. Trellidor Retractable security gates are available in several different strengths and prices, and these can be explored with your local Trellidor franchise.

  • Climate control requirements 

If security gates for retail shops and businesses can contribute to climate control, they will also contribute to cost saving.

Some of the Trellidor security barrier ranges assist with energy savings. These include Clear Guard, which blocks out a degree of heat, cold and wind. Rollerstyle rolling shutters block out sound, heat, cold, wind and dust. Even louvred Louvre Shutterss block out a measure of sound, heat and cold.

These features make the security gates multi-purpose and cost-effective. They help to reduce the need for air conditioning and other forms of internal climate control.

Well-planned physical security measures have other benefits for the people working in the building. They can:

  • Screen visitors and control access during working hours.
  • Prevent after-hours break-ins and the loss of valuable equipment such as computers.
  • Prevent opportunistic theft. 
  • Linked in to Building Management Systems to accommodate safety requirements such as automatic opening in the event of a fire.
An image of Roller Shutters in a retail environment.

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