Plan To Protect Yourself: It May Be A Long Wait For Help

There was a very worrying story in The Times this week (Police: Please call me, Graeme Hosken, 22 March 2016) about how the police often get to you too late in an emergency.

It makes one realise that we really need to be pro-active about security at home instead of relying on the SAPS to rescue us from harm. It should be at the top of our to do list instead of way down under grudge purchases.

The article talks about how house robberies have increased and people have only three minutes in which to call the police before being over-powered. At the same time, the average police response time can be 20 minutes or more.

So the bottom line is we have to make sure that home invaders can’t get to us quickly and easily. And this means putting barriers in their way. This means physical barriers that are difficult to get through, giving us more time to call for help or make a getaway.


A home security plan of action

Instead of resenting the cost of securing your home, why not be positive about it and see it as taking action to keep your family safe?

You could develop a security plan and institute it as and when you can. If you plan for it, you’ll be better able to afford it and will be immensely grateful for your foresight should you ever have a house robbery.

Here are some tips on how to do this:

  • Ask for help. Trellidor franchises are in the business of home security and have a wealth of experience to share. They really don’t mind doing a security risk assessment of your property and helping you develop a plan of action.

  • Once you have a plan to secure your home, budget for it. For most of us this means installing good quality barriers on the most vulnerable windows and doors in our homes immediately and doing the rest as soon as we can thereafter.

  • Alternatively, choose a selection of barriers in different price range. Your supplier could perhaps install the strongest security gates and burglar bars on easily accessible doors and windows and less highly engineered versions on openings that aren’t so vulnerable. Yes, there are differences in the strength of security barriers and the price is generally the indicator.

  • Consider creating a safe zone in your home, particularly if you can’t afford to fit barriers to every door and window. A safe zone is usually the bedroom area, fully secured with barriers on all windows and doors. It creates a buffer between you and home invaders, giving you time to escape or call for help. 


An image of a retractable security gate.


Use your security barriers all the time

The most important point of all, though, is to make sure that you actually use your security barriers properly. It’s no good having all this wonderful protection if you leave it all wide open for criminals to simply walk in and cause havoc in your life. 

Burglars often choose to attack when they know people are at home. This is because they know we open up our homes when we’re there. It is fine to open your doors and windows if you keep your security barriers closed and locked as protection.

And don’t forget to contact your nearest Trellidor franchise for expert security advice.



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