How to secure bathroom windows

What to use to secure bathroom windows

Don’t forget your bathroom when planning your home security. Trellidor has lots of bathroom safety ideas to share with you. 

Bathroom window security ideas

Bathrooms, whether grandiose or purely practical, are a potential security risk if the windows are left unsecured.

Sometimes the windows are so tiny that we decide not to bother with burglar bars. The thinking here is that the windows are so small that no-one could possibly get through.

Or perhaps the window is so high and narrow that you don’t  even consider installing burglar bars, especially if you are spending a small fortune securing the rest of your home.

That little, high window, however, is the one  that  robbers will use to get inside your home if it is unsecured. They will use a garden bench dragged to the window, standing on it or anything else they find lying around to get to the window and into the house.

At the other end of the spectrum is the large bathroom with picture windows that are expensive to protect. There are solutions for this and Trellidor has a number of different options that are cost effective.

Grand Designs

A bold bathroom with large windows can be protected by Trellidor Cottage Guard burglar proofing. Handles are easy to reach and the spaces are small enough to keep intruders out.

Locked Down

Aluminium roller shutters like Trellidor Rollerstyle are excellent for high risk areas. They can be fully automated and remote controlled for ultimate security convenience, and rolled up when the windows need cleaning.

Neat and tidy

Trellidor Fixed burglar bars are ideal for small windows and high security risk areas. It is uncomplicated, reliable and fits into most bathroom decor schemes. Blinds or curtains can be used to soften the effect if necessary.

Cost conscious

Trellidor Burglar Guard is wallet-friendly, effective burglar proofing. There are three different designs. One looks similar to Trellidor Fixed security, with its double trellis pattern that is positioned for easy window opening.

Virtually invisible

Trellidor Poly Guard is great for bathrooms because it is clean-lined, transparent and uncluttered. The Trellidor version has strengthening features that make it burglar proofing, not just a monkey or baboon barrier.

Safe zone security

If your bathroom is your designated safe zone, or part of your secured safe haven, choose a burglar guard that opens. You can then open it up to escape through in an emergency such as fire or a home invasion. One example is  Trellidor Retractable security gate.

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