How To Seal Your Doors and Windows With Roller Shutters

Aluminium roller shutters are an excellent choice to lock down doors & windows in homes & offices. Here are some installations to show you why.

Shut up shop with roller shutters on entrances

This lovely building in Cape Town contains loads of electronic equipment that needs protecting from theft. Trellidor Rollerstyle roller shutters secure the entrance doors at night. The colour of the roller shutters is in line with the building’s colour palette, and their sleek design really blends in with the contemporary architectural style.

Roller shutters protect you from more than just robbers

Roller shutters can extend the amount of time you spend on your patio if you use them to close off the area, as the owners of this beach house have done. Closed shutters block out wind and cold air and can be rolled up to open up the view when the weather improves. When the family is away, the roller shutters secure what would otherwise be a very vulnerable access point into the house.

Lock down exposed openings with roller shutters

An upstairs passage that leads onto a veranda would have to be kept locked all the time if it wasn’t protected by a Trellidor Rollerstyle roller shutter. The owners chose a punched slat design so that they’d get good air flow and light penetration when the roller shutter is closed and the glass doors are open. They have the same roller shutters on every door and window in the home for a proper lock down at night and when they’re away.

Roller shutters are perfect window protection too

Trellidor Rollerstyle aluminium roller shutters are not just for doors, they’re great for windows in homes and offices too. They provide uncluttered protection when closed and roll up right out of sight when you don’t need them blocking your view. These roller shutters can be operated using a remote control or wall mounted panel, so opening and closing them is so quick and easy.

Talk to your local Trellidor franchise about roller shutters for your home or office

Aluminium shutters may just be what you’re looking for, particularly if you don’t want conventional security gates for your doors and burglar proofing for windows. Remember, though, that if you automate your roller shutters, you must have battery back-up and must check your battery regularly. The last thing you want is to be stuck behind your security barrier in a power failure!

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