How to keep active pre-schoolers safe on the second floor

Fully framed Trellidor Cottage Guard burglar bars in this Jungle Book bedroom are part of the indoor playground


Children that treat their homes like a jungle gym are only doing what comes naturally playing with their environment. If you live in a double-storey house or high rise apartment, though, their play could become seriously dangerous. Here’s a solution to keeping them safe from falling out of upstairs windows: custom made burglar bars.


Burglar bars custom made to size

Some children just love to climb. It starts with clambering out of cots and moves on to cupboard doors, banisters and windows. They can give you heart-stopping moments, especially in multi-storey homes.

One mom told us that she always kept her four sons’ bedroom windows closed after finding them just about to fall out of their second floor playroom window. It was hell in the heat of the Durban summer, but at least she didn’t have to constantly monitor their every move.

A better solution would be to fit suitable burglar bars to the windows. You may not think that you need them for security purposes, but you definitely need them to keep your little Tarzans safe. Trellidor Cottage Guard burglar bars are a good option to choose because the size of the gaps is customised to fit your windows.

What this means is that you can ask your local Trellidor franchise to minimise the size of the gaps between the bars as much as possible without the burglar bars looking too cluttered. Athletic kids can then climb the burglar proofing on open windows without being able to get through the bars and fall out. Not that we’d recommend this, of course!

More burglar bar ideas for adventurous kids

Two more ideas for keeping kids safe at home are:

  • Trellidor Fixed trellis-style burglar bars. The gaps between the upright bars are too small for children to get through.
  • Trellidor Retractable burglar bars, which are similar to the fixed ones but can open with a key for easy cleaning or as an emergency escape route as long as the windows aren’t too high up to jump out safely.
  • Trellidor Clear Guard security screens. Kids can see out easily but can’t get through the protective mesh screen.

A note of caution about burglar bars for children’s rooms

Make sure the burglar bars you choose are sturdy enough to withstand an active climber if they’re not fully framed and expertly fitted, they may pull out of the window frame or wall resulting in tragedy.

And make sure that at least one window has burglar bars that can be opened if there is an emergency, like fire or a child that has locked themselves inside the room.



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