Home Security Means Keeping Con-Artists Out Too

Home security measures can take many forms it seems.  It’s just over a year ago that we blogged about being fleeced by con artists and I haven’t thought much about it since.  But a recent incident brought it all back and I realised that being concerned about home security should include being aware of the swindlers out there ready to take advantage of our kindness.

A man rang my driveway gate intercom recently and asked if he could borrow our drill as he was helping our neighbours out with a project.  I never let strangers onto my property without going to the gate to check on them first, which is what I did.

Now I know that we shouldn’t judge people on appearances, but something about him made me suspicious.  I said we didn’t have a drill, so couldn’t help him.  I did feel bad about it afterwards as it was a lie and it bothered me that I was so unneighbourly, but not enough to lend him the drill!

Then last week in our local newspaper there was a prominently placed article headed drill scam hits area!  Apparently the scam has been around for years.  Good hearted residents hand over their drills to the men and they never see them again.

Best home security is vigilance

I like to think that my instincts were good due to my association with Trellidor and that I know a thing or two about home security products and methods.  But if I’m honest, I just didn’t trust the fellow and went with my gut feel.  Home security experts often say that the best home security is vigilance, and in this case it was true.

Some home security tips from the professionals

The local police quoted in the newspaper article had some home security tips for local residents:

  • Don’t  ever lend anything to someone you don’t know unless you’re prepared to take the chance of never seeing it again
  • If you suspect that it’s a scam, offer to assist the person and walk with him to the property (ladies, I’m not sure that I agree with this one as you might get yourself into a difficult situation what do you think?)
  • I want to add the following home security tips to the list:
  • Don’t open your driveway gate to let the man in rather go to the gate to talk to him, holding your portable panic alarm just in case
  • Offer to phone the neighbour to confirm that they don’t have a drill (or whatever the man is asking for)
  • Don’t let your good nature override your instincts.  If you’re in the least bit uncomfortable, just apologise for not being able to help and walk away
  • Lock up behind you when you re-enter your home and let your dogs bark a bit so that the man is aware that you have good home security

If you have any con artist stories, please share them with us it helps us all to be aware of what’s happening out there!

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Contributor: Lindy Barry

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