Hidden in plain sight: how Trellidor Security Screens discreetly protect businesses

Business crime is a growing problem the world over. Solutions can be difficult, especially if the business is regularly visited by customers. Physical security measures need to be discreet so that they don’t frighten off customers. Protective barriers such as steel security screens are less aggressive than bars and gates in appearance but just as effective. We look at the subtle ways that security screen doors protect businesses and people. 


What are security screens?

Security screens like GriffinGuard are woven stainless steel mesh panels with a strong aluminium frame. Each screen has black hinges and handles that match the black woven mesh. The screens are custom-made to fit any door and window style. They block out a many threats, from criminals to insect swarms to monkeys, snakes, and weather.




Sensitive Protection for Retail and Large Businesses

South Africans don’t need a reminder that crime is a constant worry when they’re out in public spaces. Many of us have become hypervigilant due to high crime levels. We constantly assess potential threats around us, especially if we work in places that are attractive to criminals. This includes workplaces such as cell phone outlets, pharmacies, hospital dispensaries, and cash businesses. 

Business owners generally don’t want their premises to look unwelcoming. Bars on windows and heavy gates at doors can make people nervous. But at the same time, public spaces like shops and offices need barriers to discourage criminals from attacking the premises. 

Fully framed stainless steel security screens do an excellent job of protecting the business. Screens fitted next to doors and windows create calm surroundings for staff and customers. They also help to keep them safe. Well-made screens are a good-looking form of protection. There are no bars to remind people that they are under threat, just a see-through screen with good views of the outside.

Once installed, security screens like Trellidor Griffin Guard become almost invisible to customers and staff. They are see-through, so people are unaware they are in place, keeping them safe. The screens also give clear views of any danger coming towards the building from outside. 




Home-based business security

Small businesses are often found on the same premises as the owner’s home. It could be just the owner working there, or staff and clients too. The protection of people within this office space is essential.

Security screens are perfect for this type of work space. The screens are attractive and uncluttered. They allow in plenty of light and fresh air through the mesh. The tensioned woven mesh panel is strong but see-through and hardly noticeable once installed. 

There are added benefits to having Trellidor GriffinGuard on home office doors and windows. It helps to moderate interior temperatures by blocking out harsh sunlight and UV rays. It keeps out mosquitoes and other pests. And at the same time, keeps people working there safe from intruders. 

These security screens are reliable and robust. They keep people safe no matter where they are installed. Home-based business owners may want to use them throughout the home and office area. This creates a seamless external appearance to all the buildings on the property. 




Trellidor GriffinGuard Features


There are many more features that make security screens attractive for businesses. Here are some to consider:

  • Tailored to fit a wide range of door and window styles. Windows vary from large, fixed window panes to massive or small sliding or hinged ones. Doors could be sliding, bifold, hinged, or French in design. Security screens can be custom-made to fit them all.
  • Fitted with superior quality locks. GriffinGuard security screens that open have strong, tamper resistant Trellidor locks for added protection. If you have more than one GriffinGuard unit, you can choose to have random keys. Or choose to have them keyed alike (same key for all units) for convenience.
  • Durable and corrosion resistant even in coastal conditions. Trellidor security barriers are all treated against corrosion during the manufacturing process. This means that these products have a long lifespan and are excellent value for money.
  • World-class powder coated surfaces in customer’s preferred colour. Trellidor GriffinGuard aluminium frames can be powder coated in a colour of your choice. It could be corporate colours that create a uniform look for retail outlets throughout the country. Or it could be a colour that matches the window and door frames in the premises. The powder coating gives the security screen frame a smooth, durable surface. It is another layer of protection against corrosion.




Trellidor GriffinGuard Price

Windows and doors vary in size, even within the same office space. This means that there is no standard price for security screens. Each one is individually measured and manufactured to make sure it fits correctly. An accurate fit means a stronger security screen under attack from intruders.


For this reason it is a good idea to call in the experts. They will measure the openings, or work with measurements off plan. Then they will provide an accurate quote on the cost of the security screens. There is no obligation to accept the quote. But you will have the full picture on the costs of protecting your business with these lovely, see-through screens. Get a quote

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