Heat Wave Security

As I write this we’re still in the grips of a heat wave in Gauteng. Even if we get some respite soon, apparently this is something we’re going to have to adjust to as good rains may only arrive in March 2016. Stifling hot nights have put us all in a dilemma: how to stay safe when all we want is to catch any tiny breeze on offer through open doors and windows?

As someone that has a house well and truly secured by my local Trellidor franchise, here are some ideas:

  • Make sure your bedroom area is a safe zone so that you can open some well-secured windows for a more comfortable night. This means installing really good burglar bars on these windows and a security gate in the passage or stairway leading into this area. It’s even better if you have a burglar alarm as well, so you have some warning if someone tries to get in through the open window layers of security give you more chance of detecting an intruder.
  • Protect any windows left open at night with dependable burglar bars that can withstand a concerted attack by burglars. Cheap or DIY burglar bars won’t stand up to an assault as long as better quality versions. You need all the time you can get if someone tries to break in, so go for quality as far as possible. Breaking in makes quite a noise, so the longer it takes the burglar, the more chance you have of hearing the racket and calling for help.
  • Remove keys from locks and store them in your safe zone. It’s no good leaving front door and security gate keys in their locks, or bunches of house keys and remote controls in the living area. Anyone that breaks in will have free access to your safe zone and other areas of your home. Put up a key rack in your safe zone, out of reach of any doors and windows, and keep all your keys and remotes there.
  • Keep all your phones in the safe zone at night. Don’t make them easy to steal by leaving them to charge in your living area. You’ll need your phones with you to call your armed response if someone gets in. And on that note, make sure your emergency numbers are in your phone or printed and stuck up on the wall where you can find them in a panic.

If you need help with sorting out your security this summer, call in your local Trellidor RSA franchise or Trellidor International distributor and ask for help. They’ll gladly assist.

And don’t forget that if you live in RSA, there is a Dream Holiday competition underway. If you call your local franchise in to assess your property and give you a quote, you stand a chance of winning R75 000 towards your dream holiday and R25 000 off your Trellidor products.

Let’s hope we get some rain soon!

Contributor: Lindy Barry

Ask your local Trellidor franchise how to stay safe during the heat wave.

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