Fixed Security Gate Attributes That Make It A Leading Choice

Fixed security gates are actually burglar bars for windows. They’re often called ‘fixed security gates’ because they look similar in structure to the sliding metal gates installed next to doors to protect people from a break-in.

Burglar bars are an essential feature of homes in South Africa, particularly in free-standing houses and blocks of flats in CBD’s. They stop criminals from getting inside homes through the windows, especially if the doors have security gates on them that are closed and locked.

Good quality burglar bars help to prevent the violent home invasions that were increasingly common before the Covid-19 lockdown; the farm attacks that continue to occur South Africa; and petty crime that is always prevalent.

Lower level crime happens in all types of circumstances, from casual workers leaning in through an open window to take a cell phone left lying around in an upmarket estate to dodgy neighbours walking past in an inner-city block of apartments.

Here are the attributes that make Trellidor fixed security gates a leading choice for windows:

Fixed security gates custom-made by Trellidor are a simple solution to protecting your family and home from crime, whether serious or petty. They are custom-made for a secure fit. Once fitted to the windows, you don’t have to think about them again. They do a great job of ensuring that no-one can catch you by surprise by climbing inside through the window.

Here is why:

The distinct profile of components that make up the fixed security gate

One of the most noticeable differences between Trellidor security barriers and other products on the market is the shape of the components. Trellidor use a unique roll-forming process on all the steel components that are used to make up the barriers. These steel components are roll-formed into u-channel profiles with reinforced edges rolled back 180° and this provides:

  • Superb corrosion resistance because the shape allows all surfaces to be pre-treated for corrosion and powder coated, which adds extra protection against corrosion and increased lifespan. Competitors generally use square tubing, which is difficult to coat inside, resulting in the product being vulnerable to corrosion from the inside out.
  • Increased flexibility and strength.

The strong sash

The sash of a Trellidor Fixed burglar bar unit is made up of the upright bars, the links that cross over these bars, and the rivets that join them all together. Trellidor Fixed burglar bars are strengthened using double uprights, meaning that there are two sets of upright bars (front and back) instead of the more usual one.

These are joined by interconnecting links that cross over and connect three upright bars, rather than just two as in competitor products. The links create the distinctive trellis pattern across the burglar bars.

Unique fixings designed for strength under attack

Every component making up a security barrier, including security gate screws, must add to its ability to resist an attack by an intruder. Trellidor uses unique screws that can only be fitted or removed with a custom-made drive socket to help reduce the risk of break-ins. These security gate screws are longer than usual to provide extra pull-out resistance for the fixed security gates or burglar bars.

This system ensures that Trellidor fixed security gates have increased tamper resistance that minimises break-ins.

Full, four-sided frame creates strong fixed security gates

Fully framed burglar bar designs resist an attack better than semi-framed or unframed burglar bars, whether the attack is a well-aimed kick or an attempt to insert a crowbar and lever out the burglar bars.

Trellidor Fixed burglar bars are fully framed, with the four corners interconnected. This means that the burglar bar is not dependent on the fixings only for resistance when an intruder is trying to push or pull it out.

Flexible colour range

White is still the most popular colour choice for fixed security gates, but did you know that you can choose from a much wider range of colour options when you order them from Trellidor? The colour range includes white, bronze, sand, light brown, aluminium, charcoal and black.

Special colours are available on request, allowing you to choose a colour to best suit your decor or your corporate colours.

Choice of fixed security gate models

Fixed burglar bars are manufactured by Trellidor in a range of models, enabling customers to choose a model to suit their budget and the risk profile of their home or office building. All models have excellent strengthening features and perform well under attack, but some locations need extremely strong, top-of-the-range qualities due to the high risk of crime.

Trellidor consultants can advise on the model best suited to the circumstances.

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