Cycling Safety Tips for SA Roads

We share cycling safety tips from experts for your security while training on the road

Why blog about cycling safety tips? Well, safety while cycling on South African roads is a constant worry for cyclists as well as their families and many Trellidorians fall into that category. The death of well-known mountain biker Burry Stander this year really brought the dangers of training on our roads to the fore. Some of us have friends that have had horrible injuries through vehicle drivers simply not seeing them cycling on the road.

Cycling safety was also top-of-mind when our Trellidor guys were cycling from Jo’burg to Durban with the Rivonia Round Table on their fund raising mission last month, so we thought it would be a good idea to find out about cycling safety tips and how best to minimise the risks while training.

Arrive Alive is a great website for cycling safety tips, and we share some here with you:

Cycling safety tips for forward planning

  • Avoid training in darkness as your risk of an accident is 4-5 times higher.
  • Be aware that drivers may not see you because they’re blinded by the rising or setting sun.
  • Be alert to road surface conditions like pot-holes and debris and don’t ride through puddles as they may be hiding hazards.
  • Let your family know when you’re going to train and when to expect you home.
  • Carry a charged cell phone for emergencies.
  • It is safer to train in a group, but remember the Road Traffic Act regulations governing cycling safety.

Identification bracelets for added cycling safety is a good tip

A very sensible cycling safety tip on the Arrive Alive website is to wear an emergency bracelet. This is vital if you’re in an accident because the bracelet contains information on your medical aid, allergies and emergency contact details, which are a great help to emergency services particularly if you’re knocked unconscious. We found two services that provide this form of identification:

Another valuable cycling safety tip: make sure that you are visible

The Pedal Power Association website also has loads of information on cycling safety with some excellent tips for cyclists, so is well worth a visit. One of the most obvious cycling safety tips is to make sure that you are visible when riding on the road. It seems like common sense, but perhaps is overlooked. They suggest that you:

  • Fit bright lights to your bike steady white light in front and flashing red light behind the saddle.
  • Wear reflective strips or bands around your ankle the motion will attract attention.
  • Wear bright coloured kit especially in rainy, misty, overcast or low light conditions.

All the websites mentioned have detailed information on safe cycling gear and riding techniques, all part of staying alive while on the road.

If you have road cycling safety tips to share with your fellow riders on South African roads, please send them to us.

Contributor: Lindy Barry

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