Custom-made burglar proofing too expensive? Trellidor has some surprises for you!

We all want to feel safe at home. And we all know this means protecting every window and door with burglar proofing. It can be an expensive exercise but Trellidor franchises have ways of making it easier for you.

Here are some Trellidor tips for affordable security:

Secure the biggest risk first

Identify the high risk areas in your home and protect those with burglar proofing and security gates immediately. You can secure the other doors and windows later when you can afford it.

High risk areas could be the downstairs doors and windows in a double storey home. Or the bedroom area in any type of home.

It could also be a door that you like to keep open for a constant flow of fresh air. In this case you can leave the security gate locked while the door is open.

Choose wallet-friendly Trellidor products

Did you know that Trellidor has some very reasonably priced burglar proofing ranges? They have been engineered to provide a good level of security at a manageable cost.

Some of them are familiar designs in the security barrier market, but we’ve added strengthening features like frames and tamper-proof fixings.

Trellidor Poly Guard is very realistically priced. It is made from see-through Polycarbonate panels in a frame. The frame gives it extra resistance when robbers try to kick or pull it out of the window.

Your Trellidor franchise can also offer you Trellidor Burglar Guard. This looks similar to the slightly more expensive Trellidor Fixed burglar bars but is very budget friendly.

Opt for a lower priced security gate from the Trellidor Retractable Security range

You may want the Rolls Royce of security gates but know it comes at a price that’s perhaps out of your reach. That’s why Trellidor has several models in its Trellidor Retractable Security range of gates for doors.

There are five different models in this range. They increase in strength and price as more strengthening features are added. This means you can choose one of the more expensive models for your high risk doors and a less expensive one for lower risk doors.

Ask your Trellidor franchise for comparative quotes

Be a savvy shopper and ask your Trellidor franchise to give you quotes on different Trellidor ranges for the doors and windows you’ve chosen to secure. This way, you can compare prices and decide what your priorities are.

You may want a really good looking, practically see-through (and more expensive) option like Trellidor Clear Guard on your front door and Trellidor Louvre Shutterss on your bedroom windows. You could then choose one of the less costly designs for other doors and windows.

The best advice is to call in your local Trellidor franchise for a free consultation. Tell them your financial situation and ask them to come with creative ways of securing your home according to your budget.

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