Clear Security For Clutter-Free Homes

Can you see which side has the clear security? Clear Guard is barely visible on the left side.

Clear security is very appealing for homeowners that want to be safe without cluttering up their windows and doors.  But in terms of personal safety and product strength, it’s important to be sure of what you’re buying.  We give you some points to consider.


Ask yourself why you want clear security?  There are many valid reasons, from the rules of a housing estate that preclude visible security barriers to just not wanting a reminder of why security is necessary. 

It’s also important to decide where you want to install clear security.  There is a school of thought that says visible security is a deterrent to potential house breakers, so consider installing burglar proofing to windows and security gates to doors that can be seen by passersby in the road.  If your home looks tricky to get into, the thief may decide to choose one that appears to be an easier break-in target.

You can then opt for clear security in other areas where your outlook is important, such as windows looking out onto a secluded garden and doors that open onto your entertainment area.

If you have other layers of security such as movement sensor beams, then clear security on windows and doors visible from the street is a good choice.  Not only will you improve your home’s street-appeal, but the beams will help prevent anyone from getting up to the house to take a closer look.

Factors to consider if you choose clear security

Clear security definitely has its place.  It’s ideal for homes with lovely views that you don’t want to clutter up with burglar proofing or security gates.

There are a few factors that you need to question when choosing your clear security product:

  • How strong is it really?  You can’t take the supplier’s word for it ask to see attack tests.  There are plenty of these on YouTube and other forums.  Try the product out for yourself, too.  You may have to go to the supplier’s showroom to do this, but it’s worth the effort.
  • How is the product fixed to your door or window?  A single screw on each side of the aperture is not going to repel a hefty kick from a heavy boot.  A custom installed clear security product that is fitted with customised fixings is considerably more difficult to breach.
  • What is the clear security product manufactured from?  The material used is integral to the end product’s strength under attack.  Use common sense in deciding which of your choices is more likely to be able to withstand a concerted battering.
  • Who is the supplier? Will they still be around when you need them to honour warantees should this be necessary?  A manufacturer that has been in the industry for many years is more likely to be there for you when you need them in an emergency.

Trellidor clear security barrier options

Trellidor offer two product ranges that fall into the clear security category:

  • Trellidor Rollerstyle shutters.  These tick off all the points mentioned above.  They perform extremely well in attack tests; they roll down from tamper-proof shutter boxes and lock down when closed; they’re made from aluminium and are strong enough to repel a concerted attack; and they’re manufactured at the Trellidor factory which has been around for over 35 years and counting. 

These shutters fall into the clear security category because when you don’t want to see them, they roll up into their box, completely out of sight.  When you need them to help keep you safe, or to shut up the house at night or when you’re away, simply roll them down.  They are then a highly visible deterrent to house breakers.

  • Trellidor Clear Guard.  These are security screens that don’t look anything like conventional security barriers as they’re custom made to match the way your window or door works.  Once fitted, it’s difficult to distinguish them from the door or window.

What makes this product clear security is that you can see right through the tightly woven stainless steel mesh screen, giving you unobstructed views of the exterior.  Although they’re see-through, these screens perform extremely well in attack tests. 

Trellidor Clear Guard security screens are fully framed for strength. They are fixed into the substrate surrounding the window or door with customised tamper-proof fixings, so are able to resist a concerted attack.   

This product has other benefits that appeal to South Africans, such as screening out the sun’s UV rays and helping to control internal temperatures, and providing an effective barrier that keeps out problems such as mosquitoes and monkeys.

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