6 Reasons to Get Trojan Classic for Your Business in the New Year

The crime statistics for theft from commercial premises may go up or down this year, but they never go away. Physical barriers like sliding security gates are a simple but effective way of keeping thieves out of a building, or at least slow them down long enough to be caught in the act. Trojan Classic made by Trellidor has features that make it the top choice in business security. Here are six reasons why. 


1. Excellent value for money

The Trojan Classic trellis security gate gives business owners exactly what they want: a high level of protection against crime for their commercial premises at a surprisingly good price. 

Cost effective security solutions are important at a time when companies are facing challenges like finding the money for alternative power sources. So getting premium quality retractable gates like Trojan Classic for not much more than an average sliding gate to protect doors and windows from criminals makes perfect sense.


2. Strong enough for an outside installation

An internal installation is usually considered the strongest option. This is because criminals first have to break through a door or window before attacking the physical security barrier. In many cases, however, this type of installation is not possible. The Trojan Classic is strong enough to be fitted externally to protect doors and windows from a break-in. 

This is because Trellidor product engineers have incorporated strengthening features into the gate to make it strong enough for an outside fit. These features were first developed for Trellidor security gates needed by leading retail chains in the United Kingdom after a spike in smash and grab crimes. They were then used in the Trojan Classic design too. The result is a strong and reliable, well-priced retractable barrier for homes and businesses. 


3. Dependable protection of assets

Threats to a business come from many different directions. It could be an invasion by an armed gang, vandalism by passing crowds, or an after-hours break-ins by criminals. In all cases, assets are damaged or stolen and people are traumatised. 

The benefit of a well-designed and expertly installed security barrier like Trojan Classic is that it minimises the risk of criminals getting inside a building. The locked sliding gate delays them when they’re looking to get in and out quickly. The risk of discovery is high and they are likely to fail in the attempt.

These are the design features that make Trojan Classic ideal for business premises:


  • A full, four-sided frame for stability and strength.
  • A strong dead lock that locks in a single point with multi-point locking within the lock stile. Most gates with multi-point locking require several keys to engage all the locking points. Trojan Classic offers the convenience of one key.
  • A specially designed shroud that covers the lock stile to stop break-in tools from being inserted to lever out the lock. 
  • A lattice link assembly at the bottom of the gate to make it very hard for burglars to break through the gate. 
  • Wheel guides at the base of the unit that are strengthened with steel to make the bottom track much harder to breach.
  • The top track has a roll formed top track cover with no welding or other weak points to exploit. It prevents an attack on the top of the gate. 


4. Long lifespan with minimal maintenance

The Trojan Classic is made from roll-formed double uprights. The benefit of roll forming the components is that all surfaces can be galvanised and powder coated to prevent corrosion. This means that quality control is of a high standard and the gates will provide excellent protection for many years.

Similar products have square tubing that can’t be hot dip galvanised or electroplated on the inside. The components of these sliding gates are exposed to corrosion and will weaken over time. The result is that the security gates will need replacing sooner than expected.

The double upright construction of Trojan Classic makes the gate stronger under attack. This is exactly what is needed in commercial or business premises. Many sliding gates on the market have only one row of uprights and can’t compare to Trojan Classic in terms of how long the gate will hold up to an assault.

All security fittings require maintenance if they are to provide optimum protection and sliding security gates are no different. Trellidor provides customers with simple cleaning instructions that keep the gates in top condition.



5. Easy to use 

Security gates are high use products with constant opening and closing, so reliable, easy sliding is important. Retractable safety gates that ‘stick’ or buckle when you use them are common in the security industry. Some retractable gates run along the bottom track where they pick up dirt and lag when you try to close them.  

One of the most attractive qualities of a Trellidor sliding gate is that they operate smoothly and easily. The reason for this is that Trellidor retractable gates don’t carry any weight at the bottom. They are top hung using upright wheel holders with wheels in them that run along the top track. There is less friction on the bottom track, so the gate slides easily with no annoying ‘stickiness’. 

Another reason that Trojan Classic operates so smoothy is that three uprights are connected per flight. This means you can grab the gate anywhere to move it open and closed and it slides consistently. If only two uprights are joined together, the gate tends to bunch up when you pull it at the top, and the bottom lags behind. 



6. Optional Design Features

Trellidor sliding security gates are custom-made to suit the requirements of your business. For example, the gates can be powder coated in a specified colour that reflects the identity of the business.

There is the option of a hinge up track to lift bottom track up and out of the way if this is a health and safety requirement, or simply a preference. A hinge away track can be fitted to allow the entire gate stack to swing out of the way. Or the area to be protected may need angled units that lock in a corner with no need for a pillar.

Trojan Classic can be manufactured in a wide range of configurations, including:

  • A single sash that locks onto one side of the unit.
  • A double sash that locks onto each other in the centre.
  • A flexi sash that locks onto both sides of the unit.
  • A double flexi sash that locks onto each other in the centre and on both sides.
  • A fixture that does not retract but stays fixed in place and is usually fitted to windows.

These are just six reasons why Trellidor Trojan Classic is ideal for business protection. To try these gates for yourself or to find out more, visit your nearest Trellidor outlet or contact them for an on-site consultation.

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