6 Protection Measures for Your Business Nearing Holiday Season

The festive season can be a time filled with joy and excitement for most people and their families. This period, however, can see an increase in criminal activities; impacting businesses more as this is when most organizations will close for the holidays. Businesses should ensure that they take necessary precautions to avoid being targets for criminal behavior.

During the festive season, there tends to become a dramatic increase in armed robberies due to the shopping sprees that consumers go on. Smaller businesses also tend to have more cash in hand around this time as well. It is important for businesses to be aware of danger zones around their premises in order to prepare for any damages that might occur.

Here are some precautions that companies can take to ensure that their business is safe during the festive season.

  1. Start with Risk Assessment

    You might want to start by immediately purchasing business security; but before this happens you must conduct a risk assessment prior to making any changes. This will help you determine which changes you should implement first and how you will go about it. The best way to conduct a risk assessment is through surveying your business premises in order to determine where you need to strengthen your business’ existing security measures.

    This can involve entry areas that criminals can use to forcibly gain access to your premises like low enough areas that they can jump over or fences that require mending. Criminals can gain access to information that could highlight the times when you are most vulnerable to attacks as you will be on holiday. Being aware of the risk of your information being leaked will be able to help you decrease your risk of invasion.
  1. Lighting

    Lack of proper lighting gives criminals the perfect opportunity to commit crimes in the dark as they won’t be able to be detected easily. To avoid this from happening, it would be wise to invest in proper lighting in all points of entry, parking lots and the roof as well. Not only does good lighting eliminate shadows that criminals might use to hide for cover, but it also prevents accidents that might occur like tripping or falling.

    Motion sensor or flood lights are not only for your home, but are great for your business premises too. These lights can be a great security deterrent as criminals might be discouraged when they are met with a blast of light.
  1. Locks

    The most important thing to do when you leave your business premises for the festive season is to lock up all your business entrances, windows and individual offices. Your business contains sensitive data that you obviously do not want just anyone to have access to.

    You should purchase the best locks for your doors, windows and any other openings that your business has. Ensure that you regularly change your locks. Locks are not completely burglar-proof, and criminals can still gain access to your premises, but using locks will take them longer to do so.

    Another way that can be beneficial is investing in access control measures even for some employees and limit the number of people who have access to sensitive data. They should only gain access to these rooms using codes.
  1. Functioning Cameras

    Your business should contain CCTV cameras that are mounted to the outside of the building. There are businesses who have dummy cameras outside their business premises in order to deter theft or crime. This method works to scare away criminals, but it might backfire in the event that those criminals go through with their plan to commit a crime.

    You should invest in a camera that can be managed from a smart device. If you have existing video surveillance cameras, check that they are working properly and that they can give you usable footage in the event that you are a victim of crime. Ensure that your camera is positioned at an angle that gives you footage that will capture burglaries.

    Your CCTV cameras should also be installed in parking lots to ensure that employees and customers can safely walk to their cars. If you are experiencing any issues with your video surveillance camera, then you should consult with a security professional. Also check to see if the hard drive is working sufficiently.
  1. Alarm System

    The best security measure that you can invest in is a proper alarm system. Modern day alarm systems are so advanced that they can alert you of a robbery, fire, smoke or even floods. You should choose to have your alarm system professionally installed as this will be able to assist you in saving money on your insurance.

    Your employees should know how to operate the alarm system, know where to find the panic buttons, and how to arm the alarm system when they leave the business premises. Regularly test your alarm system and ensure that it is in good working condition and that the batteries are also working properly. You can also choose to install a silent alarm that will alert your security command quickly in the event of a robbery.
  1. Review Security Policies with Employees

    Once you have reviewed all the steps in effectively securing your business, it is important that you also communicate these measures with your employees. Your employees should be aware of all the company security procedures.

    Employees should be informed about how they lock up valuables during the festive season and any cybersecurity policies if they will be working remotely. They should also know about any security action plans that they should take in an emergency. Encourage employees to be vigilant during this time and prompt that they report any suspicious activity that they witness.


Your business closing for the festive season should not cause you unnecessary stress. You can prevent burglaries by taking preventative safety precautions before you leave, ensuring that you have  an easy and enjoyable time.

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