5 Reasons to Choose Burglar Guard for Your Home Office

Trellidor Burglar Guard offers the best of all worlds in terms of home office safety. It is custom-made for an excellent fit, strong enough to provide a high level of protection against a break-in or home office invasion, and yet reasonably priced. This burglar guard design for windows has many other features that make it a strong contender for home office security.

Whether your work space is in your bedroom, a spare room inside the home, the shared living area, a converted garage attached to the main house or a stand-alone building on the property, it will need burglar bars on the windows. This is to discourage criminals from trying to get inside to steal anything of value, including your computers and cell phones and anything else that could devastate your business if lost.

To protect all these different types of home office, it is essential to have burglar guards on the windows and security gates at exit doors. There are many types of security barrier on the market and the choice could be confusing.


Here are five reasons why Burglar Guard made by Trellidor should be at the top of your list:

  1. Peace of mind window protection

    These are strong, steel burglar bars that are manufactured by Trellidor, a company known for its focus on products with built-in strength. Each Burglar Guard unit is semi-framed to add to its strength when attacked. And they are fitted to your home office windows by expert technicians using tamper-proof fixings for increased resistance to attack.


  1. Affordable burglar bar security

    Burglar Guard is reasonably priced so even if you have lots of windows in your home office, you are able to protect them all. This is important because if a window looks too small or too high for a burglar to reach, it will still need a security barrier. This is because determined thieves will find a way to get through any unprotected window.


  1. Burglar Guard design choices

    The Burglar Guard range is custom made for each home office, so you are able to make choices about the way they look. You can choose their colour, for example. There is a range of popular colours such as white, charcoal, and black, but you can also specify a colour although unusual colours will add to the price. You can choose how the burglar bars will be fitted: internally, externally, face-on, in the reveal, horizontally or vertically. And you can also choose the pattern: single cross, double cross or flat bar.


  1. Long-lasting window security

    Burglar Guard units are made to last. Each unit is treated for corrosion and UV resistance before it is powder coated in the colour you’ve chosen. This process provides a lovely smooth surface that looks good and lasts many years. Like any fixture in your home office, burglar bars need to be cleaned regularly to maintain their high-quality finish and the various coatings used to protect the burglar bars. This is a simple process and instructions can be found on the Trellidor website.


  1. Dependable product warranties and after-sales service

    Trellidor was established over 45 years ago and secured more than four million doors, windows, and other openings in four decades. So the company’s warranties are not a sales gimmick. They are realistic, reliable, responsible and reflect confidence in the products fitted into your home office. It is also reassuring to know that should anything go wrong, like an attempted break-in, or if you alter your home office and need more window security, your Trellidor supplier will still be around to help even if this happens years after the first installation.


Secure your home offices doors too

Many robberies start by criminals simply walking into a home or home office through an open door. This is because when we’re home, we’re often complacent and think that criminals won’t try anything with people present in the building.

But this is one of the most common times that robbers strike because they know we leave doors unlocked and open. The best way to avoid this is by fitting a security gate to any door that leads outside.

Trellidor make sliding gates that work very well design-wise with Burglar Guard window security. These are the traditional style retractable gates. Consider installing these when you choose burglar bars for your home office windows so that you have all-round protection.

Trellidor franchises can be a great help when the time comes to choose burglar guards and security gates for your home office windows. Find your nearest outlet and request a home consultation so that you can see samples of the products and get expert advice. Or visit a showroom near you where you can see and try out these products before you decide.

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