5 Places in Your House You Can Turn Into Safe Rooms

We live in an unpredictable world where disaster could strike at any time. We might not be able to predict many disasters that might occur to us, but we can implement precautionary measures that would protect us when danger strikes. Safe rooms are able to offer that protection in many situations where you would need a hiding place. We will show you just how easy it is to create one in your own house.

What is a Safe Room?

A safe room or a panic room refers to a shelter or place that you can use to hide and receive protection from a severe weather event such as a flood; a terrorist event; or an intruder. Its main purpose is to provide a temporary hiding area in the event that you need to be safe while you wait for emergency services. It will also offer protection when the police arrive and catch intruders – protecting you from the line of fire.

Safe rooms should be easy to access because if intruders had to enter your home while you were asleep, you would need a hiding place that is not only quick to reach, but where you don’t risk meeting with the intruder.

What should a Safe Room Have?

A safe room is only a temporary hiding place, therefore you need to have certain things to make the waiting period more bearable. Here are some of the things that your safe room should include:

  • Cellphone: A safe room should contain a cellphone as you might need to call for help. It is important to ensure that the cellphone is fully charged and that the location of the safe room can receive reliable cell phone service.
  • Power: Your safe room should contain power. This can be generated by a generator or other things such as battery-powered lights so that you do not rely heavily on electrical power.
  • Surveillance cameras: You should have surveillance cameras outside the safe room which will allow you to monitor what people outside the room are up to. A safe room is isolating as you need to protect yourself from whatever is going on outside. The danger that it has is you are unable to anticipate the danger that is occurring outside the room. You can have your camera linked to your smartphone so you can monitor outside activity and plan your next move.
  • Plumbing: Plumbing is important because at some stage you will need to relieve yourself and you will need drinking water. Depending on your budget, you can choose a portable toilet or separate plumbing and a septic tank.
  • Supplies: You will need basic supplies in your safe room that will help you. Items you can include are fire extinguishers, bottled water, special medication, non-perishable foods, blankets, a first aid kit, and credit cards or cash. The quantity of the supplies will depend on the number of occupants of the safe room, the size of the room and the total time you think you will be in the room.

Rooms You Can Use as a Safe Room

A safe room does not only have to be a safe room. You can convert some rooms in your house that you regularly use for this purpose. Here are some rooms that you can turn into a safe room.


A bedroom is perfect to use as a safe room as it has space to store all of your supplies and it will be able to fit all the people in your house without being cramped. Bedrooms are able easily accessible to all members of your house if an intruder has to gain access while you were all sleeping. Your bedroom also contains proper ventilation.


You can choose to use a closet as long as it does not contain windows or any other openings such as ceilings as an intruder can use these openings to gain access. Closets are really small in size so ensure that you clear out contents that might take up unnecessary space. Try to keep items that you will need in the time of an emergency.

Closets can be risky because they are small. When you call for help, the intruder might be able to hear you. It is important to take measures to prevent this from occurring.


Bathrooms are commonly used as a safe room because they provide access to water. Plumbing is essential to any safe room so the fact that a bathroom already has this feature will be able to save you costs. A bathroom also has windows so it is essential that you secure them and that the intruder does not try to gain access using the windows.

You can secure windows by using security film that prevents the glass from windows from being compromised. You can also install security film without the assistance of a professional.

Home Office

A home office can make the perfect safe room as it already contains most things needed for a safe room. A home office usually contains a phone which you will need for emergency assistance and it offers great cellphone service.

Your home office might also contain a book shelf which acts as a great sound proofing method if you are calling for help. You can also use the book shelf to block the door to restrict the intruder from gaining access if you didn’t secure the door.

A home office has enough room for your family and storage space for your supplies. Additionally, you can utilize the laptop in the room and connect it to the camera so you can see what is happening outside the door.


Using a garage as a safe room can be the most practical and cost-effective method. A garage is easy to escape from and it can be hidden using other security methods such as safeguards. Using a garage can be the safest method as intruders are less likely to think that you would hide there giving you an advantage.

Garages have so much space which you can use to store emergency supplies and it has plenty of room to install security cameras as well.

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