5 Pet-Friendly Home Security Solutions

Our pets are a part of our families. That is why their safety should always be a priority. There are some home security solutions that can assist you in ensuring that your home is always secure without compromising the safety of your pets.

We all love our pets and we might consider them to be members of our family, however in trying to protect our homes, we might choose security solutions that might compromise their safety. Therefore, when choosing the kind of security measures that you will have in place, you should ensure that they are pet-friendly.

In this article we will offer five pet-friendly home security solutions that you could adopt.

  1. Wireless security system

    When you use wireless security systems, you can guarantee the safety of your pets. One of the things that makes wireless security systems pet-friendly is that they do not have any cords or wires that come from the system. The lack of wires and cords mean that your pets won’t try to chew on these wires, which they could possibly try to do with a wires system. Wireless security systems also offer plenty of benefits to those that choose to use them such as quick installation as they can be installed in a couple of minutes. Secondly, these systems are portable so if you decide to move to another home then it won’t take long to move them to another location. The greatest benefit of using wireless security systems is that you can monitor the system remotely using a computer, tablet or smartphone, which allows you to arm and disarm the system whenever you are to keep you and your pets safe.
  1. Pet Immune Motion Sensors

    Pet immune motion sensors are able to distinguish between the motion caused by humans and that caused by pets as it disregards the motion caused by animals that weigh less than 37 kilograms. Traditional motion sensors can trigger motion sensors each time your pet passes by, which leads to many false alarms, however through pet immune motion sensors the chances of false alarms occurring are greatly reduced. The system can also be adjusted to your pet’s specific weights to accommodate large dogs who can weight more than smaller pets that you also have such as cats.
  1. Smart locks

    Smart locks are one of the best home security innovations that enable you to have a safer home while providing you with more convenience. Unlike conventional keys, smart locks can be opened electronically with the use of a smartphone or a remote. This allows you to grant access to pet sitters when you are at work. Through the keyless feature offered by smart locks, you are able to give every person who visits you with their own code. Smart locks can also keep a log of who entered our home and how much time they spent in your home before they left. You can also open and close the door for your key even while you are at work and ensure that you can take care of your pet’s needs even while away. Smart locks also allow you to change and update PINs and passwords ensuring that your home is as secure as it possibly can be which makes it the safest option to prevent break-ins.
  1. Indoor security cameras

    An indoor security camera is one of the best devices that you can use to keep an eye on your pets at all times. This means that you do not have to run around your house looking for your pets as you will always know where they are located as you can watch them through live feeds which you can access through your tablet or smartphone. Watching the footage in real-time can help eliminate surprises such as your legs entering unwanted areas, your pets chewing on furniture and it helps you use when they are sick.

    Indoor security cameras can assist you in keeping an eye on pet sitters even if you are away. This is extremely beneficial when you hire a new pet sitter and you want to check in. You will be able to see if your pet is being fed and if your new pet sitter brings in someone you do not know, you will be able to see it.
  1. Smart smoke detectors

    Most home security solutions allow you to see the activity that is occurring both outside and inside your home. However, there are some things that you cannot see immediately that could be potentially be harmful to your pets such as smoke. Sadly, fires are a common cause of death for pets if they cannot get out of your home, especially if there is no one at home. You can get a smart smoke detector that is able to detect light and heat, and that will send an alert to your smartphone in the event of a fire occurring. This enables you to call emergency services sooner, especially if you are nowhere near your house.


Our pets are a part of our family and we would do anything to keep our animals safe, even if we are not at home. Therefore, when choosing security solutions for our homes, we should do so with our pets in mind.

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