5 Crucial Safety Tips for Women Joggers As Muggings Rise

Jogging is a fun and popular form of exercise that has many great benefits for your physical and mental health. Many women jog as a way to enjoy the outdoors and for freedom. Female joggers however are at greater risk for muggings so it is important for them to take precautionary measures to protect themselves.

Safety Tips for Women Joggers

Jogging alone as a woman can be liberating and can allow you to have the space to enjoy your company, but there is the added risk of being a victim of muggings. This doesn’t mean that you should totally give up your hobby out of fear. You can follow some safety tips to protect yourself so that you are well prepared for the worst.

  1. Don’t Use Earphones

    Earphones can be entertaining as you are able to listen to your favourite music and catch up on podcasts. All these things can shut out all the noise around you which also reduces your awareness of your surroundings. This can be incredibly dangerous because you might not be able to hear someone come up behind you and might increase your chances of being mugged or attacked.

    A person trying to mug you is aware of the fact that you might not notice them and this will make you more of an easy target than someone without earphones. Unplugging will also increase your reaction time in the face of danger.
  1. Inform Others of Your Jogging Route

    Before you head out for your jog, you need to let someone know of your intended route as well as the estimated time you think you will be gone for. You can message a family member, neighbour or a close friend and you should inform them when you are done.

    With the help of your smartphone, you are able to share your location which can be done through safety apps that have GPS tracking and they will enable your loved ones to follow your jog in real-time. Ensure that your phone is also fully charged when jogging and that your cellphone is out of sight so it isn’t easy to snatch. You can use an armband or belt clip for this.
  1. Mix Up Your Routes

    When jogging, you should not stick to a routine whether it is with the time you head out for a jog or the routes that you use. This can make it easy for someone to plan how they can rob you and it might cause you to become less vigilant because you are too comfortable and may miss certain warning signs.

    Varying your routes can also have amazing benefits for your brain as it allows you to have a change in scenery. You can vary routes by mapping out several routes and then mixing them up. If you are unable to use a different route, then you can either vary the times you jog to reduce predictability or start your jog in a different direction.
  1. Choose to Jog in Populated Areas

    You should choose to run in an area that is populated or that is popular to run in at that time of the day. These areas will be able to offer you protection in the event of an emergency as well. If you use a route and you don’t see anyone for more than five minutes, then you should avoid that route.

    As a woman you should avoid running in the dark. Ensure that you avoid jogging at certain times such as early in the mornings or late at night when it is dark. You should never use secluded paths or dark areas, as you won’t be able to see your surroundings; increasing your chances of either stumbling or tripping. You can also choose to jog against traffic for you will be able to see danger approaching.
  1. Know How to Defend Yourself

    You should know how to defend yourself in the face of danger. The easier way to do so is to carry pepper spray as some are small enough to hold in your hand and you can blast it from a distance. You should find out how to use it properly and ensure that it hasn’t expired. You should test it out beforehand which will better prepare you if you have to use it when facing an attack.

    You can take a self-defence class as they are shown to reduce incidents of violence and they enable you to better resist assault in a dangerous situation. These classes will also reduce your fear and increase your confidence.


Though most joggers hit the road to exercise and destress, it can pose the danger of being mugged. It is essential to follow the safety tips offered above to secure your safety and protect any possessions you might have.

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