5 Clear Guard Attributes Perfect for Your Coastal Home

Coastal homes are high on many people’s list of desirable places to live, but what we tend to forget is that the climatic conditions are extremely hard on the materials used to build such a home. It pays to do your homework on long lasting products before building or altering a coastal home. Here are five compelling reasons for including Clear Guard security screens on your shopping list for your coastal  home.

  1. Quality

Coastal conditions are notoriously tough on everything you use to build your coastal home as well as the furniture and accessories you fill it with. Corrosion is a major problem. So is dust, salty rain, harsh UV rays and gale force winds.

But the good weather days make these locations worth waiting out the bad ones and some people actually enjoy the wild weather, particularly if they’re kite surfers and other outdoorsy types.

Installing poor quality building materials and fittings in these conditions is false economy. They will deteriorate in no time at all, forcing you to live with a tatty home or replace worn, rusting, poor quality fixtures and fittings.

If you install good quality fittings at the outset, they will last far longer, saving you money in the long run. In addition, by using a reputable manufacturer and supplier, you should have the advantages of better products as well as after-sales service and warranties or guarantees.

Your supplier should also give you cleaning instructions after installation so that you are well aware of how to take care of your fittings so that they last for many years.

Clear Guard security screens are manufactured and installed by Trellidor. They have an excellent lifespan because they are pre-treated against corrosion, followed by a world-class powder coating system that further enhances their resistance to corrosion, even at the coast.

  1. Enhanced strength

Clear Guard is fitted to homes, whether coastal or inland, for many different reasons, but a compelling one is the product’s strength. It has an extremely strong mesh panel that is encased in a robust frame. Each unit is custom-made to fit the door or window snugly, so there are no weak points for a criminal to exploit.

In addition, Clear Guard security screen doors and windows are fitted with patented Trellidor locks. These locks that can be keyed-alike on request, meaning all the locks on your Trellidor Clear Guard units can have the same key number and you can use one key to open or lock them all.

Or you can choose different keys for each Clear Guard if preferred. You may, for example, want a different key on your Clear Guard kitchen door to the one in the passageway that creates your bedroom safe zone.

Clear Guard security screens on all the doors and windows in your coastal home allow you to lock up securely whether you are home or away. It is preferable to have them installed inside your home so that you can open windows and doors outwards, while keeping the Clear Guards closed and locked for protection.

  1. Contemporary design

Clear Guard screens are often chosen to install next to doors, windows or on patios because of their                 contemporary design. They have a sleek aluminium frame with a neat mesh panel that is see-through and hardly noticeable.

Each Clear Guard unit is customised to match the door or window style, so options range from bi-fold units to sliding, awning, hinged, and French door or window designs, amongst others.

The aluminium frame can be powdered coated in a wide range of stylish colours, so the  Clear Guard units can either reflect the home’s colour palette or create a design statement, depending on the colour you choose. Once fitted, homeowners are amazed at how Clear Guard units blend into the general décor scheme.

Although these are security barriers, they certainly do not look like it. This aspect makes Clear Guard ideal for estates, where homeowners often have to comply with strict rules in order to maintain uniformity amongst the exterior home styles.

Clear Guard is hardly noticeable from the outside as they are made to match the door and window style of each home and are fitted internally. This makes them acceptable to the homeowners’ association or body corporate in most estates.

  1. Transparent security screens

Clear Guard screens are made from a woven mesh panel that is see-through and completely unobtrusive. From inside your coastal home, you can see out clearly while safe inside. They provide a high level of protection without cluttering up your beautiful view, whether it’s of the sea, garden, or golf course.

While enjoying the view from your home through Clear Guard screens, you also get the benefit of reduced glare, internal temperature control, energy efficiency and fresh air flow.

The fact that it is see-through is one of the main reasons this product is so popular for doors, windows, and patios. This aspect is hard to imagine, so it is a good idea to visit your local Trellidor outlet and see it first-hand. All authorised outlets have sample doors and windows, so you can feel the mesh, try out the lock and confirm that it is indeed see-through.

  1. Access control

They may be transparent, but Clear Guard screens are still an excellent method of controlling access into your home from all sorts of threats. The mesh screen blocks out insects and other wildlife, not just human intruders.

This is of great benefit if your coastal home is plagued by:

  • Mosquitoes
  • Monkeys or baboons
  • Snakes
  • Petty theft
  • Not-so-petty break-ins by violent intruders

Trellidor Clear Guard is an elegant way of keeping them all out without blocking your view. With these clear security screens on your doors and windows, you can open up your home on a lovely day to enjoy the weather, but keep your Clear Guards closed and locked for protection.

Trellidor Clear Guard Price

Like all Trellidor security barriers, Trellidor Clear Guard is custom-made to fit the opening and its specific requirements, so there is no standard price. Trellidor security barriers are available through authorized Trellidor franchises countrywide and they will gladly measure the opening and give a quotation.

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