5 Best Home Security Gadgets Anyone Can Afford

When it comes to home safety, you can never be too cautious. Some people are hesitant in investing in home security gadgets because they believe that they are pretty expensive. However, we have compiled a list of security gadgets that almost anyone can afford.

Regardless of the physical security measures you have in place. You can never be too certain in regards to  keeping your home thoroughly safe. For this reason, it is also recommended to make use of home security gadgets. Here are some affordable home security gadgets that you can invest in.

  1. Smart Security Cameras

    Smart cameras can track the activities that occur in your home. They also go beyond just recording footage and capturing images. A smart camera uses your WiFi network to transfer the video to your smartphone and cloud storage. Through the use of a free app, you can review the footage that you receive. Some of the features that you can receive from a smart camera include:

    Face tag: The camera can recognise faces which allows you to customise the alerts you receive. When the camera detects unfamiliar faces, you will receive alerts for real threats, meaning you will not have alarming notifications for friends and family.

    Communication: Another impressive feature that smart cameras offer is an audio monitoring system that enables you to listen to the activity that is going on around your home.

    Motion detection: Smart cameras cannot only capture videos, but they can detect movement and move toward the area where the action is being seen. By combining the face tag feature, you will receive alerts if the person is a loved one or someone suspicious.
  1. Video Doorbell

    Video doorbells are wireless and connect to your WiFi network. Not only can they capture video footage when someone is in range, but they also include high definition colour as well as night vision technology. Video doorbells can be integrated with apps on Android and Apple smartphones and tablets. Whenever the video doorbell detects a visitor or a thief, it is triggered, and it sends out an alert to you, and you can watch the live video footage of the activity occurring on your doorstep.

    The majority of video doorbells enable you to have two-way conversations as they have built-in microphones and speakers. If a thief were trying to gain access to your home, you would receive an instant notification and footage to contact the police quickly.
  1. Smart Lock

    Smart locks are still new, and they offer customisation options that allow you to have greater control over what happens to your home. Unlike regular locks, smart locks are Bluetooth and WiFi-enabled home devices that will enable you to leave your house keys behind. With smart locks, you are able to lock and unlock doors with either your fingerprint or remotely, with a voice command. Smart locks enable you to monitor activities occurring on your property, and you can give your guests access to your home when you are not around.

    Another incredible feature that smart locks offer is real-time monitoring as you can see the people who entered and exited your home and at what time they did so. You can offer permanent and temporary access codes that can be used by members of your family, house sitters, and repair services. You can set limitations for certain people, and you can choose when code holders can access your home.
  1. Motion Activated Lighting

    Lights play an important role in increasing the home’s safety as they deter crime. The reason why motion-activated lights are so effective is that they can catch intruders off guard, scaring them off and hindering them from approaching your home. Motion-activated lights can assist in reducing energy consumption as they only switch on when they sense motion. Motion-activated lights include built-in sensors which can detect whether it is day or night. These lights require no maintenance after installation, which gives you one less thing to worry about.
  1. Home Security System Apps

    Home security apps are one of the easiest methods you can use to protect your home, especially if you are not around. Most security apps are available for both Android and Apple devices. These apps can be connected to your alarm system so that you have more control and visibility. With security apps, you arm and disarm your alarm remotely through your smartphone and receive notifications whenever the alarm sounds or when movement is detected.

    You can link your other security systems such as security cameras to not only view live footage and save videos. You will be notified whenever your alarm system is triggered.


With the technological advancements that are being made each year, you have more options for keeping your home safe. It has become considerably cheaper to add more security gadgets for added protection.

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