4 Reasons to Consider Roller Shutters for Your Safe Zone

Safe zones are one of those home improvements that help reduce your stress level when you lock up and go to bed at night. And they add value to your home should you ever decide to sell it. They are relatively simple to create in most homes, along with some useful advice from your local security expert and can also be cost-effective depending on the products you choose.

One of the most critical decisions will be what to use to close the passage or staircase to prevent people getting into your safe zone. Roller shutters are an excellent solution.

Most people associate ‘roller shutter doors’ with those clunky, noisy, heavy steel ones that are used to secure shop fronts after hours. But there are aluminium versions that are perfectly suited to homes as they are elegant, easy to use and roll up out of sight into a shutter box when you don’t need them for protection or want to open up the space.

Security roller shutters for home safe zones

Aluminium roller shutters are a wise choice for safe zones in homes for the following four reasons:

  1. Security roller shutters lock up your safe zone

If you get an aluminium roller shutter fitted in your passageway or on your staircase, you are able to lock up your safe zone and prevent anyone from getting inside your bedroom area.

Trellidor roller shutters are extremely strong and are virtually impossible to lift up once they are closed. They block out anyone that manages to get into another part of your home, keeping you safe while you call for help or escape through a window in your safe zone.

  • Roller shutter doors can be motorised

Being able to motorise your roller shutter is incredibly convenient. You can open and close the roller shutter door from your bedroom by simply using a hand-held remote control. The shutter operation can also be link to your ‘smart home’ control centre.

Trellidor offers a range of motors, so you can ensure that you have battery back-up in case of a power failure. There is also a manual option if you prefer to go that route or have it as an alternative method of opening the shutter if there is no electricity.

  • Roller shutters take up very little space

Roller shutters make efficient use of the space available for the installation, so they can easily be fitted to passageways and staircases. They do not require a bottom track, so there is no cutting into floor tiles or other types of flooring.

Safe zone roller shutters roll up inside narrow side guides that can be recessed into the walls on either side of the passage for a neat installation.

If you are building a new home or altering an existing one, then remember to work closely with your Trellidor roller shutter supplier. They can give your builder the specifications required to hide the motor in a ceiling cavity so that you don’t see the shutter until it is rolled down to keep you safe.

  • Safe zone roller shutters can be retrofitted

Trellidor roller shutters can easily be retrofitted to any opening in your home, including the passage into your safe zone. They have a compact shutter box that won’t spoil the look of the doorway.

If you have a loft-style staircase that seems impossible to protect with a security door, then talk to your Trellidor consultant about installing a horizontal roller shutter. This has been successfully done by various Trellidor franchises around the world and in South Africa and provides a workable, creative solution for the families that needed a safe zone door.

Windows in a safe zone should all have protective barriers on them to create a ‘shield’ around your family when you’re all in the bedroom area. Roller shutters are a good option because they open and allow you to escape through a window if there is a fire or a break-in by intruders.

Colour options for safe zone roller shutters

Roller shutters are not only powder coated in white. If Trellidor is your supplier, you can choose from a range of colours that work with your chosen décor colours including bronze, sand, light brown, aluminium, charcoal and black. Special colours are available on request at an additional cost.

Roller shutter prices

Like all Trellidor security barriers, Trellidor Rollerstyle rolling shutters are custom-made to fit the opening and its specific requirements, so there is no standard price. Trellidor security barriers are available through authorised Trellidor franchises countrywide and they will gladly measure the opening and give a quotation.

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