4 Leading Features That Make Poly Guard Different from Other Clear Burglar Bars

Polycarbonate burglar bars are a type of clear burglar proofing for windows. They are often chosen because you can hardly see them once installed. They usually consist of simple bars attached to the window. Trellidor Poly Guard is a framed clear burglar bar that offers so much more than simple bars. We explain why they are different from other clear burglar bars.


1. Strong, well-designed clear burglar bars

The most obviously different feature of Poly Guard is that it has a four-sided extruded aluminium frame. The Poly Guard frame holds the polycarbonate panels in place to create a neat, strong burglar bar unit. Framed polycarbonate strips are much harder to break through than unsupported strips. They will stand up to attack far longer.

The full frame is unique in this type of burglar proofing. Most other designs on the market are just strips of polycarbonate plastic that are attached to the window frame. This makes them more easily removed by anyone trying to break in. 

The main reason people choose to install polycarbonate bars is to keep monkeys and baboons out of homes. Framed clear burglar bars are the perfect solution because even small monkeys are reluctant to try to squeeze through the bars. Another benefit is that clear bars do not spoil the view while standing guard at your windows.


2. Customised to suit the home

Poly Guard is not an off-the-shelf DIY product. It is custom-made for each home to make sure that it fits seamlessly next to the window. It will not look like an after-thought because it is purpose-designed.

The aluminium frame can be powder coated in a colour of your choice. There are standard colours like white, but you can specify a preferred colour to make sure the frames blend in with your windows.

The gaps between the polycarbonate panels within the frame can be adjusted to your suit your needs. This means easy access to window handles. Window hinges and other hardware are all considered when your Poly Guard burglar bars are designed by the Trellidor consultant.


3. Professionally installed

Each unit is custom-made for your window according to the measurements taken by the Trellidor sales consultant. This is to make sure that the Poly Guard burglar bars fit neatly next to the window.

Once they’ve been manufactured to fit your windows, Poly Guard units are installed by trained Trellidor technicians. They use tamper-proof fixings and attach the unit to the substrate around the window, not to the window frame. The installation is neat and tidy and ensures that the clear burglar bars are up to the job they were made for.


4. Long lasting protection

Framed Poly Guard has an additional feature that makes it an excellent choice of clear burglar proofing: it is built to last. This is because it has the following qualities:

  • The polycarbonate panels are UV-resistant and won’t discolour easily.
  • The frame is aluminium and therefore corrosion resistant.
  • The frame is pre-treated against corrosion and powder coated while being manufactured in the factory, adding to its corrosion-resistant properties.
  • Backed by a Trellidor warranty.

In summary, polycarbonate burglar bars are not as strong as steel or aluminium, so they are not advisable for high crime risk locations. But they are perfect for homes in gated communities and estates, especially if homeowners need to stop monkeys or baboons from getting inside their homes. Or if petty theft is becoming a problem within the estate.

In fact, one of the major benefits of clear burglar bars like Poly Guard is that they are accepted as burglar proofing even in estates with strict rules against bars on windows. This is because Poly Guard is see-through and hardly noticeable once installed.




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