3 reasons why home insurance companies insist you need burglar bars

 Most insurance companies encourage clients to install burglar bars and security gates on doors and windows. Some may reduce your insurance premiums if you have burglar proofing at home and work.

Here are the reasons why:

  1. Physical barriers make crooks think twice

Burglar proofing such as security gates on doors and bars on windows make robbers work hard to get inside your home or office.  They prefer to be able to break in quickly and quietly.

Physical security can act as a deterrent to thieves, who will find it difficult to get in without making a noise and attracting attention.  They may decide not to try, but rather move on to easier targets.

  1. Burglar bars buy you time

Because breaking through burglar bars and safety gates makes a huge noise, you’ll probably hear robbers trying to get inside and can take action to protect your family. 

A security gate in the passage plus burglar bars on all windows in the bedroom area create a safe zone. This buys you time to call for help from the police or your armed response service.

Remember, though, to ensure that you fit sliding burglar proofing to at least one window in your safe area so that you can use it to escape the house if you need to. 

And the safe zone concept only really works if every door and window is protected with burglar bars or gates.

  1. Layered security includes burglar proofing

It’s not enough to have just an alarm system because like any form of security, it is subject to human error. 

We often don’t switch the alarm on when we’re home. Or we forget to check the battery back-up unit. Or thieves find a way to deactivate it. 

Sometimes they just ignore the alarm, getting in and out as quickly as possible before anyone responds.

So the idea is to have an alarm as well as burglar bars and security gates. 

The alarm acts as the early warning system while the physical barriers provide an obstacle that takes time and effort to breach. 

You need burglar proofing on every single door and window. This is because no matter how hard you think it is to reach, robbers will always pick the one you think is inaccessible and therefore unsecured.

Trellidor has a wide range of burglar bar designs to choose from, so you don’t have to be restricted to a barrier style that doesn’t appeal to you.

Trellidor franchises countrywide are available to help you choose the right type of burglar proofing for your circumstances and budget.


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