Phishing Is Everywhere So Guard Against Fraud

Fraud of any kind candestroy one’s faith in people and sadly, it is sometimes hard to tell thedifference between a deceitful attempt to steal from you and a genuinetransaction.  As a responsible brand wework hard to protect our customers from any dishonest activity, which is why wehave systems in place to help keep our customers safe.

Fraud includes phishing, is when thieves send you a sham email using details similar to that of areputable company in an attempt to get hold of your banking details, passwords, pin numbers and credit card numbers. 

There are, of course, many other ways that crooks will try to hoodwink you, and we’ve posted blogs on this before.  But here is a summary of what to look out for when you’re not sure if you’re dealing with a genuine Trellidor franchise representative, or if you’re buying a genuine Trellidor security barrier.

1.   Check the contact phone number you’ve been given by visiting Showrooms’on the Trellidor website.

2.   Our franchises phone to let you know when a staff member will be visiting your home so you are not caught by surprise.  If anyone arrives at your gate without an appointment, phone the franchise to check that the visitor is legitimate.

3.   Trellidor franchise staff have branded clothing and ID cards to identify themselves.

4.    We will never ask you for your banking details, even if you are due a refund, so if you receive an emailed request for your personal details, phone the franchise.  Do not reply to an email of this type.

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