5 Window Formats Cottage Guard Accommodates

Many people are put off window security because they imagine ugly bars across their beautiful windows, blocking out the light, views and destroying the spacious feel of a room. There are, however, many different window security options on the market and with a little research you can find some very acceptable designs. Cottage Guard is one of them and here are the reasons why they suit five of the most popular window formats.

But first, what is Cottage Guard?

Cottage Guard burglar bars are made by Trellidor and is one of the best-selling products in their range. It is an extraordinarily strong form of burglar proofing because it is fully framed and made from square aluminium tubing reinforced with a steel bar through the centre of each tube. 

Cottage Guard has the following advantages over other types of window security:

  • It is custom manufactured to fit the window as snugly as possible for increased strength.
  • They are fully framed, again for increased strength.
  • The burglar bars are fixed into the substrate surrounding the window, also to increase strength.
  • The manufacturing process includes a pre-treatment for enhanced corrosion and UV resistance, which makes these burglar bars suitable for both coastal and inland conditions.
  • Trellidor Cottage Guard can be manufactured to match the gaps of existing cottage pane windows so that they’re hardly noticeable.
  • Opening sizes, however, have to comply with insurance specifications. The openings cannot be big enough for a small person to squeeze through.
  • These burglar bars can be used to create a cottage pane effect if they’re installed to protect large and vulnerable expanses of glass.
  • The burglar bars are installed without welding, so there are no weak points for corrosion to set in.
  • They can be powder coated to blend in with the home’s décor palette.                                                                                                                        

Because it is a premium quality form of burglar proofing, Cottage Guard may not come across as the most affordable of burglar bars. But it is highly effective and worth the expense in the long run, being a much cheaper option than being robbed!

Cottage Guard window formats

Cottage Guard can be manufactured to suit different types of window. Here are five window formats that can be protected by these burglar bars:

  1. French Windows

French windows consist of two windows side by side, one hinged on the left and one hinged on the right. They swing outwards to open and meet in the middle when closed. The handles to open and close the windows are fixed to each window in the centre of the space.

These windows often have lots of panes of glass in the cottage pane style but they can also have a large single pane of glass. Both formats can be protected by Cottage Guard burglar bars.

Custom-made Cottage Guard burglar bars will be made to match the spaces of the panes of glass. If it is a singe pane of glass, the Cottage Guard burglar bars will create a cottage pane effect.

  • Sash Windows

A sash window is made of one or more moveable panels that move up and down within the window frame. They are not hinged like French windows. But like French windows, they may have several panes of glass or a single pane of glass in each sash.

In either scenario, the windows can be protected by installing Cottage Guard burglar bars. Custom-made Cottage Guards can be designed to accommodate handles and other hardware, making sure that the user can access these easily.

Sliding windows have sashes that slide left to right instead of up and down like sash windows. It is a practical window format that opens for easy window cleaning. They are often installed in windows that have a beautiful view to be enjoyed uninterrupted.

Generally, sliding windows have a single, large sheet of glass but they can also be found in a cottage pane style with many glass panes. Both types can be fitted with Cottage Guard burglar bars without interfering with the opening of the windows.

  • Awning and Casement Windows

Awning and casement windows are both opened using a crank mechanism that has an arm pushing the window out or pulling it in. The difference is that awning windows are hinged at the top of the window frame while casement windows are hinged at the side of the frame, left or right.

Both types of window benefit from the protection of Cottage Guard burglar bars. Because these windows have a single pane of glass, the burglar bars will create a cottage pane look to the glass.

  • Fixed Applications

Fixed windowpanes of any type are often neglected when homes are burglar proofed. It is assumed that criminals will not be able to break through these often-large sheets of glass. But in actual fact they are a weak point that robbers can exploit by using glass cutting tools or even simply smashing through with a brick.

If Cottage Guard has been fitted to all the opening windows in the home, it should also be fitted to the fixed windows. This will provide an excellent level of protection and a consistent ‘look’ to the home.

Best uses of Cottage Guard burglar bars

Cottage Guard burglar bars look attractive on cottage pane windows. If they are the same size in terms of gaps and powder coated in the same colour, the burglar bars are hardly noticeable even when the windows are open for fresh air.

This type of burglar proofing is perfect protection for windows in a safe zone, such as the bedroom area. Just remember to install burglar proofing that can open to at least one window in your safe zone. This window can be used as an emergency exit if necessary.

Because Trellidor Cottage Guard is so strong it is ideal for ground floor windows in a multi-storeyed home. These windows are more vulnerable to a break-in than second floor windows, so they should have the best protection you can afford on them.

Cottage Guard is an excellent choice for commercial premises as well as homes. Use them to protect windows in office parks and other buildings, especially if they are unoccupied over weekends. The burglar bars make it difficult for criminals to get inside the building and they run the risk of being discovered by the security patrol.

Price of Cottage Guard

Like all Trellidor security barriers, Trellidor Cottage Guard is custom-made to fit the opening and its specific requirements, so there is no standard price. These burglar bars are available through authorised Trellidor franchises countrywide and they will gladly measure the opening and give a quotation.

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