5 Ways Burglar Bars Add Value to Your Home

Home security is a top priority for homeowners all around the world. Protecting your property and loved ones from potential invaders is a key issue, and there are several steps you can take to improve the security of your house. Installing burglar bars is one such measure. In this article, we will look at how burglar bars can help you secure your house and give you peace of mind.

Burglar bars, also known as security bars or grilles, are heavy-duty metal or steel constructions that are mounted on windows, doors, or other vulnerable entry points in a property. Their principal function is to dissuade possible intruders by erecting a physically impenetrable barrier. These bars are created with both security and aesthetics in mind, providing a balance of protection and visual appeal.


Types of Burglar Bars

Before digging into their advantages, it’s vital to understand the many types of burglar bars on the market. Trellidor offers a few exceptional and robust options to protect your home and business. We design and manufacture high-quality burglar bars meant to create a strong, dependable form of protection from intruders. Each of our products in our burglar bars range are custom-made to fit windows and are installed with tamper-proof fixings. Trellidor additionally has specialised coatings that protect burglar bars against corrosion and UV-rays and produce a high-quality finish and long lifespan.

Let’s have a look. 

  • Fixed Security: The design and strength of these trellis-patterned burglar bars mirror that of Traditional Trellidor security gates. They do not open like gates and instead remain fixed to protect windows.

  • Burglar Guard: This is a lower-cost galvanised steel window burglar bar with a clean, tidy design for windows that do not require sliding security gate barriers.

  • Cottage Guard: This is a high-quality burglar bar system and is made of square aluminium tubing strengthened by a threaded steel rod running through the centre of each tube.  This burglar proofing can be designed specifically for cottage pane windows or to provide a cottage pane impression on large glass windows.

  • Poly Guard: This burglar proofing is popular in complexes and residential estates where there are tight burglar proofing rules as they are barely visible. Most clear burglar bars are merely strips attached to window frames, but Trellidor has devised a framed version that is clean, elegant, and strong enough to protect a low-crime-risk home.



Ways Burglar Bars Benefit Your Home

Every home should have burglar bars installed since they are necessary for safety as well as other, sometimes overlooked, benefits. In South Africa, a property without burglar guards is almost an open invitation to criminals, as intrusions can occur even in secure gated communities. We will explain why you need burglar bars in your home further down.

  1. Physical Deterrence
    The obvious deterrent effect of burglar bars is one of its most significant features. Potential burglars are less likely to try a break-in if they see burglar bars on windows and doors. The existence of these security features sends a clear message to burglars that your property is well-protected, discouraging them from targeting it.

    Burglar bars, such as those made by Trellidor create a powerful barrier that makes intruders’ access to your home through windows and doors extremely difficult. These bars are made of tough materials like steel, making it difficult for intruders to break in. This reinforcement can be a critical line of defence against break-ins.

  2. Enhanced Security
    Windows are frequently a home’s weakest point of access. Burglar bars protect your windows by stopping intruders from smashing or prising them open. This is especially crucial for windows on the ground floor and in remote regions of your property.

    In addition to windows, doors are a common access point for intruders. Installing burglar bars on doors, especially back or side doors that are less visible from the street, guarantees that all potential entrance points are secured. For added security, these bars can be used with your existing door security measures, such as deadbolts and smart locks.

  3. Maintaining Aesthetics
    Some homeowners are concerned that burglar bars may detract from the attractions of their homes. Modern burglar bars, on the other hand, come in a range of forms and finishes that can complement the style of your home. Customisation possibilities range from beautiful patterns to numerous paint colours, allowing you to perfectly mix security with aesthetics.

    Contrary to popular thought, burglar bars can improve your home’s exterior appeal if you choose the appropriate one. Well-designed burglar bars can give a sense of class to your home, demonstrating that security and flair can coexist together.

  4. Cost-Effective Investment
    While the initial cost of installing burglar bars may seem significant, it’s important to consider the long-term savings they offer. By preventing break-ins and potential property damage, these bars can save you a substantial amount in repair and replacement costs.

    Many insurance providers offer discounts on homeowners’ insurance premiums when security measures like burglar bars are in place. This not only helps offset the installation cost but also provides ongoing financial benefits.

  5. Installation and Maintenance
    It is critical to have burglar bars professionally placed to reap the most benefits. Professional installers will verify that the bars are properly installed and meet safety regulations.

    Regular maintenance is required to keep burglar bars in good working order. Check for signs of rust, wear, or corrosion and rectify any concerns as soon as possible to ensure their effectiveness.



Where can burglar bars be used?

Burglar bars can be used in various locations to enhance security and prevent unauthorised access. Here are some common places where burglar bars can be installed:

  1. Residential Properties: Burglar bars are frequently used in residential settings. They can be installed on doors, windows, or any other vulnerable points of entry in houses, apartments, or cottages. By adding burglar bars, homeowners can significantly increase the security of their homes.

  2. Commercial Buildings: Businesses often utilise burglar bars to protect their premises. These bars can be installed on storefront windows, doors, or areas containing valuable equipment or inventory. They serve as a physical barrier to deter break-ins and safeguard commercial properties.

  3. Retail Stores: Retail establishments often install burglar bars on windows and entry points, particularly in high-risk areas. These bars provide added security during non-business hours while allowing visibility of merchandise, even when the store is closed.

  4. Schools and Educational Institutions: Burglar bars can be used in educational institutions to enhance security. They are commonly installed on windows in classrooms, administrative offices, or areas with valuable equipment to protect against theft or vandalism.

  5. Public Buildings: Public facilities, such as government offices, libraries, or community centres, may opt to install burglar bars to secure windows and doors. These bars help prevent unauthorised access and protect valuable assets or sensitive information.

  6. Industrial Facilities: Manufacturing plants, warehouses, or storage facilities often require robust security measures. Burglar bars can be used in these settings to secure windows, doors, or other access points, protecting valuable goods and equipment.

  7. Healthcare Facilities: Hospitals, clinics, or medical centres may employ burglar bars to enhance security, especially in areas where medications, sensitive equipment, or confidential patient records are stored.




Who can use burglar bars?

Burglar bars can be used by various individuals and entities seeking to enhance security and protect their properties. Here are some examples of who can use burglar bars:

  1. Homeowners: Homeowners looking to fortify their residences against break-ins and unauthorised access can install burglar bars on doors, windows, or other vulnerable entry points. Burglar bars provide an additional physical barrier that helps deter potential intruders and increase home security.

  2. Renters: Individuals residing in rental properties can also benefit from burglar bars. With the permission of the landlord, renters can install burglar bars to enhance the security of their rented homes, adding an extra layer of protection and peace of mind.

  3. Business Owners: Commercial establishments such as retail stores, restaurants, and offices can use burglar bars to protect their premises from break-ins and theft. Burglar bars can be installed on doors, windows, or storefronts to prevent unauthorised entry and secure valuable assets.

  4. Property Managers: Property managers responsible for securing apartment complexes, housing estates, or commercial properties may choose to install burglar bars as part of their overall security strategy. These bars help protect multiple units or properties simultaneously.




Burglar bars are an important component of your home security armoury. They provide visible deterrence, reinforce access points, improve security, and give a variety of other benefits ranging from aesthetics to cost savings. However, it is critical to conduct research and select the appropriate type and style of burglar bars to meet your needs. When installed and maintained properly, burglar bars can provide you peace of mind that your house and loved ones are safe.


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