#TrellidorAnswers: What is the Difference Between Single & Double Trellis Burglar Guard Bars?

Window protection burglar bars are available in many different designs. Some are vertical and horizontal bars that cross each other; others are plain horizontal bars; some have a criss-cross pattern that creates either a single trellis or double trellis across the bars; and some are stronger under attack than others. Whether it is for home or office windows, the choice is usually down to the potential likelihood of a break-in occurring and personal preference.

The Trellidor range of window security options includes three different trellis-style burglar guard designs. These burglar bars have been popular for over 45 years, mainly because they are great value for money and do the job expected of them: keeping people safe from a break-in through the windows for many years.


Let’s take a look at the various trellis burglar guard bar designs available:

Traditional Trellidor Fixed Burglar Bars in a double trellis pattern

This window security barrier configuration was the first fixed burglar guard designed and manufactured by Trellidor. It has been fitted in thousands of homes over the decades. They are made from galvanised steel and are fixed in place like other types of burglar guard bars.

Trellidor Fixed matches Traditional Trellidor sliding security gates, but the window version does not open like the gates. The sliding gates can be fitted to windows, but most people opt for the fixed bars with double trellis.

These are very strong burglar bars with double uprights, meaning pairs of vertical bars are joined together across the window with links that make up a double trellis pattern. A full, four-sided frame provides extra strength. The four corners of the frame are interconnected to make the burglar guard unit resistant to intruders that try to lever the burglar bars out of the window reveal.

This burglar bar design is strong and robust under attack. It is an excellent choice for windows in medium to high security risk homes and offices. In any location, however, it is always advisable to have at least one window fitted with a sliding burglar guard that can be opened for escape during an emergency. This could be a fire inside the building, a break in by intruders or a hostage situation.


The Trellidor Burglar Guard range

This is a budget friendly range of three different burglar bar designs. Two of these designs have single uprights and a trellis pattern and the choice between single and double cross patterns usually just depends on which the customer prefers.

The single and double trellis pattern Burglar Guard are both semi-framed, which means the units are framed on two sides to add stability and strength. They are made from electro-galvanised steel oval shaped bars, joined together with either:

  • A single cross pattern, also called a single trellis burglar guard.
  • Or a double cross pattern, also called a double trellis burglar guard.

The single and double trellis Trellidor Burglar Guard bars give you many options in terms of style because they can both be fitted:

  • Internally
  • Externally
  • Face-on
  • In the reveal
  • Horizontally
  • Vertically

The double trellis pattern burglar guard is very similar to the single trellis Trellidor Burglar Guard. The difference is that it has a double cross pattern joining the upright bars together, so it resembles Trellidor Fixed burglar bars.

Any design in the Burglar Guard range is very cost effective in buildings with many windows that need protecting and for windows where sliding security barriers are not necessary. They are a good deterrent to home invaders and robbers because they are highly visible and show that a home or office is well protected. This can prevent criminals from trying to get inside as they would rather pick a softer target.


Points to note about trellis burglar guard bars

There are a few points to look out for when choosing a burglar bar supplier. These are:

  • Custom-made burglar guards fit far better than off-the-shelf ones and so are stronger when attacked by criminals trying to break them to get inside the building.
  • ‘Custom-made’ means your windows are measured by your supplier, the burglar guards are made to those measurements, and they are installed by an expert technician.
  • The fixings used to fit the burglar guards should be tamper proof and require special tools to install them. This adds to the strength of the burglar bars.
  • A smooth, corrosion-resistant surface is less inclined to deteriorate and weaken the burglar bars, so make sure your supplier has an excellent powder coating process.
  • Check on the conditions of the warranty supplied by the installer. It should protect you against defective workmanship, materials, and corrosion.

It is always a good idea to research the various options you can choose from when deciding on something as important as window protection. Take a look at the different single and double trellis burglar guard bars and Traditional Trellidor Fixed double trellis burglar proofing.

Or contact your local authorised Trellidor product supplier and visit their showroom to see these products for yourself. Try before you buy!


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