Transparent Security Products That Keep Wildlife at Bay

In South Africa, when we talk about ‘security products’ we automatically think about protection from human intruders. But there are other dangers that we may need protection from, ranging from mosquitoes in malaria areas to monkeys in coastal homes. This is where see-through security such as clear burglar bars is a great option and there are some interesting products on the market to consider.

Security screens

First up are security screens. Fly screens have been around for decades but they have never provided much in the way of security. The mesh can easily be pushed or torn out of the frame, giving intruders, including baboons which easily work this out, easy access into your home.

Screens like this do stop flies, mosquitoes and snakes from getting into your home, but that is about all they do. It’s a great concept, though, because mesh is see-through. You can easily see outside and views are unspoiled.

Just under 10 years ago, Trellidor took this concept and designed proper security screens that can do all this and more. The mesh used in Trellidor Clear Guard is very strong. It is made from an industrial grade woven stainless steel, creating a robust mesh panel that performs extremely well in attack tests.

This panel fits into a full, aluminium frame. Clear Guard is made to fit next to windows and doors of any type and will keep out anything from insects to humans. If people attempt to break through the mesh, they end up cutting themselves to ribbons on the sharp steel.

Clear Guard see-through security has the following benefits:

  • It is custom-made to fit any type of door or window. So if you have a sliding glass door, the Clear Guard will be made into a sliding door too. The same applies to bi-fold doors, French doors and windows, hinged doors and windows, sash windows and other formats.
  • Because it is custom-made, the Clear Guard unit can be designed to accommodate handles and other hardware, so there are no problems opening and closing doors or windows.
  • It provides see-through, unobtrusive protection, blocking out anything from insects to intruders.
  • The mesh screen filters out the sun’s harsh UV rays, helping to moderate internal temperatures and saving on energy.
  • The mesh screen allows some flow of fresh air into the home through the mesh.
  • You can see right through the mesh screen, so lovely views are preserved. 
  • It is suitable for all security risk locations, whether low or high crime zones.
  • In-house attack tests using the same tools on all Trellidor products show that Trellidor Clear Guard security screens are comparable to Trellidor Retractable security gates in terms of strength.

Clear Guard doors and windows are fitted with patented Trellidor locks that are known for their strength. The locks can be keyed-alike on request i.e. all the locks on your Trellidor Clear Guard units can have the same key number.  Or you can have different keys for each door and window if preferred.

Security products for game lodges and entertainment areas

It is important to note that in most people’s homes, Clear Guard does not replace the window or door. It is fitted alongside the door or window, providing protection as required.

There have been instances, though, when Clear Guard has been used instead of glass windows and doors. Here are some of those locations:

  • Game lodges

    Clear Guard fitted around the boma and other outdoors zones such as the dining area and pub lets guests enjoy uninterrupted views of the bush without putting them in any danger. The wildlife won’t be able to wander in unexpectedly and in malaria areas, it keeps the mozzies out, protecting guests and staff alike.

    Stock such as alcohol and food and decorative items like couch cushions can be safely locked up behind the Clear Guard units after guests have departed and staff have cleaned up.

    Clear Guard is also very convenient for guest bedrooms, where its see-through properties allow guests to feel part of the landscape without exposing them to any dangers.
  • Home entertainment areas

    Pool rooms, outdoor pubs, verandas off the lounge or dining room and other home entertainment areas all benefit from having Clear Guard doors and windows.

    Apart from the security benefits, the screens block out the wind on bad weather days so that you can continue to sit on the patio. They also block out a high percentage of UV rays, moderating internal temperatures.

    The screens also provide a high level of protection against human intruders, which is an important reason for installing them in South African homes.

    Clear Guard is a high-end product, beautifully made with a quality finish. It can be installed in selected areas of the home or commercial property if budgets are limited.

Polycarbonate bars

In general, clear burglar bars like Polycarbonate bars don’t provide much benefit in terms of security against intruders such as home invaders. But they are highly suitable for low crime risk locations such as secure estates, game lodges, hotels and apartments.

This type of security usually takes the form of clear Polycarbonate strips that are individually attached to window frames. They are used as clear burglar bars for monkeys, which are very reluctant to try and get through them.

These strips are not hard to remove for determined criminals, which is why they are not recommended for medium to high crime risk areas. Trellidor has designed a version of this type of transparent security that has a solid aluminium frame. It makes the Polycarbonate bars far more difficult for criminals to attack.

Polycarbonate bars are ideal for keeping wildlife at bay. As with Clear Guard, it keeps out monkeys and baboons but it obviously can’t keep out insects. It can, however, stop petty theft from homes, hotel bedrooms and game lodges.

The advantages of Trellidor Poly Guard are:

  • The Polycarbonate bars are see-through and hardly noticeable.
  • Trellidor Poly Guard has strengthening features that make it a security barrier, not just ‘monkey bars’. 
  • The aluminium frame gives it a neat finish and improved strength.
  • Window handles and hinges are easily accommodated.
  • Trellidor uses fixings that are difficult for intruders to access or remove. 
  • These Polycarbonate units are stronger and more resistant to attack than the more common method of attaching the Polycarbonate strips to the window frame.
  • They are custom-made by Trellidor and installed by trained technicians.

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