Security screens and shutters stop thief

At their wit’s end with the brazen theft of TVs off their shop floor, a retail outlet used the unique characteristics of clear security screens plus roller shutters to stop thieves.

Clear security screen doors combine well with roller shutters

Furniture and electronic goods retailers often display TVs together, lined up on a shelving system so that customers can compare the picture quality, prices and other aspects of different sets. This makes it easy for the salesperson to explain the differences.

Unfortunately, it also makes it easy for thieves to grab a whole lot of TVs at once, as happened to a furniture outlet a few too many times. Trellidor came up with a solution that combines Trellidor Clear Guard clear security screens with Trellidor Rollerstyle shutters. Each product has different characteristics that were ideal for this store.

Trellidor Clear Guard clear security screens

Trellidor Clear Guard clear security screen doors consist of an industrial grade stainless steel mesh screen in an aluminium frame. It is primarily a security barrier, but the fact that the mesh panel allows air to circulate through it made it perfect for the TV bank in the retail store.

All the TV sets massed together generate a lot of heat, so they can’t be fully enclosed in solid security doors. By fitting fixed panels of Trellidor Clear Guard clear security screens to the sides of the shelving unit housing the TVs, the heat can escape through the mesh. There is no heat build-up and therefore no fire hazard.

Trellidor Rollerstyle shutters

The front of the TV bank in this retail outlet is protected with two aluminium roller shutters from the Trellidor Rollerstyle range. The shutters are operated using a key lock, with keys given only to authorised personnel.

Once the roller shutters are closed, they create a formidable barrier that blocks thieves and prevents them from getting at the TVs.

With the Trellidor Clear Guard clear security screen doors firmly fixed to the sides of the display and the Trellidor Rollerstyle shutters closed, the TV bank is locked down and protected from theft.

Seamless security solutions

No matter where they are in the world, Trellidor franchise staff can help customers to find a security solution to suit their needs, as they did with this particular retail outlet. Trellidor’s range is versatile enough to suit any style of home or business.

If a security solution means using several different designs, these can all be linked by powder coating them all in the same colour.

The Trellidor Clear Guard and Trellidor Rollerstyle security barriers fitted to the retail outlet’s TV bank are all powder coated in Matt Black.

The retail outlet we assisted is in a coastal town, where rust and corrosion are always a problem. One of the reasons they selected Trellidor products was that before powder coating our barriers, they go through a pre-treatment process that protects them against corrosion. If properly cared for and regularly cleaned, the barriers have a good lifespan at the coast.

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