Roller Shutters Care Guide – Tips for Maintenance

What are roller shutters?

Roller shutters are coverings for windows or doors. They offer protection from weather and provide privacy. They can be used as room dividers in larger spaces and are also very effective burglar proofing. Roller shutters, also known as rolling shutters, roll up doors or roller doors, are made from steel or aluminium. They can be automated and remote controlled, or manually operated.

Maintenance is an important part of warranties

Roller shutters made from aluminium are low maintenance and long lasting. They do not need regular painting like wood. They don’t rust like steel. In addition, companies like Trellidor pre-treat the roller shutter components to make them corrosion resistant. Then they apply a high-quality powder coating to protect the shutters from weathering.

But, like any other form of burglar proofing, roller shutters need some cleaning and maintenance to keep them in top working order. Most companies that install roller shutters require that you to look after your roller shutters in terms of the warranties they provide.

Roller shutter door installers usually provide you with a guide on how to care and maintain your roller shutter. If your supplier does not do this, ask them for cleaning instructions as well as a copy of the warranty so that you can keep these on record for when you need them.

If you fail to carry out regular cleaning and maintenance of your roller shutter using the manufacturer’s instructions, the product warranty becomes invalid. This means that if something goes wrong with your roller shutter and it doesn’t work properly, you may not be able to force the manufacturer to honour the warranty.

This is an important point to remember if a generous warranty is one of the reasons you purchase a roller shutter. The companies that use over-the-top warranties to attract customers usually have loads of fine print attached to these warranties.

The conditions they expect you fulfil on your part to keep the warranty valid includes regular roller shutter maintenance. But they may not tell you this, or how to do it, so read that fine print carefully.

Trellidor manufacture aluminium Rollerstyle roller shutters. The company provides customers with realistic warranties with the added benefit of over 40 years in the security product manufacturing business. This means that Trellidor will always be around to honour their warranties when you need them to.

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Routine Roller Shutter care has a purpose

Roller shutters need far less maintenance than other window treatments and burglar proofing. But they still need some care to keep them working well and looking good. This is because:

  • Cleaning stops corrosion from setting in too quickly. Corrosion is a result of environmental and/or industrial airborne contaminants such as salt, fog or mist found in areas close to the sea, or acid rain found close to heavy industrial areas.
  • Cleaning and lubrication help to prevent roller shutters from becoming stiff and difficult to slide up and down inside the side guides. Dirty shutters may not open and close as easily as they should.

How often should you clean roller shutters?

The factors that affect how often you should clean your roller shutter include:

  • Whether the roller shutter is fitted inside your home, where it is relatively protected from the weather
  • Or whether it is fitted outside your home, where it bears the brunt of bad weather conditions.
  • Do you live in an area where there are lots of industrial pollutants in the air e.g. factories nearby that give off corrosive fumes?
  • Other environmental factors such as prevailing winds that constantly batter your roller shutter.

Here is a rough guide to how often you should maintain your roller shutters:


MILD More than 10 km from beachfront Every 6 months
MODERATE 1 km to 10 km from beachfront 2 to 3 months
MARINE 500m to 1 km from beachfront 2 to 4 weeks
SEVERE MARINE Within 500m of beachfront 1 to 2 weeks

In this roller shutter cleaning guide, take note of the following points:

  • ‘Beachfront’ refers to breaking surf air borne moisture.
  • Fresh water lakes are not considered high risk areas.
  • Heavy industrial areas can be considered marine environments because of pollution in the air.
  • The recommended maintenance intervals provided here are for general guidance due to local environmental conditions.

How to look after your roller shutters

Trellidor recommends the following cleaning method for Trellidor Rollerstyle aluminium roller shutters:

  • Use a premium quality (salt free) car wash liquid, mixed with water as per the manufacturer’s directions.
  • Use this mix and a soft cotton cloth to clean the entire roller shutter ‘curtain’ i.e. the slats that make up the shutter.
  • Also wipe down the side guide channels in the walls.
  • Never use abrasive cleaners, detergent based cleaners or solvent based cleaners such as scouring agents, dishwashing liquids, washing powders, thinners etc. These could adversely affect the expected life of the product.
  • Hard to reach areas may require the use of a soft nylon bristle brush like a dishwashing brush.
  • Dry the roller shutter slats and guides with a soft cotton cloth or chamois.
  • Do not try to clean the motor inside the shutter box.
  • But you can clean the box itself, wiping it clean as above.

Recommended lubrication

First, a note of warning. Do not spray any lubricant into the roller shutter motor.

If you are having problems with your roller shutter motor, call your nearest Trellidor franchise to service it for you. Once you’ve opened the roller shutter motor box and fiddled with its inner workings, your warranty become null and void. So rather call in the experts.

Trellidor lubricating spray (available from your local Trellidor franchise) can be used on the slats and inside the guide channel sections as it provides a protective coating.

  • Shake the can of lubricating spray well.
  • Apply the spray to a clean cotton cloth and wipe all the roller shutter slats.
  • Or spray directly onto the shutter from about 20cm.
  • Wipe off the excess residue. This will form a protective barrier against both moisture and contamination of airborne pollutants.
  • A second application may be required if the shutter has stood for too long without being lubricated and has become stiff, dry and difficult to operate.
  • Remember to read the warnings on the Trellidor Lubricating Spray label as the products is highly flammable.
  • The lubricating spray must not be ingested.
  • The lubricating spray is irritating to eyes and skin, so protect your eyes and hands.

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