Introducing Roller Screen Protect – Protective Screen Dividers for Social Distancing

Social distancing has become part of our everyday life since the COVID-19 Pandemic arrived on every continent in the world. We’re all grappling with how to do this without losing contact with other humans, and, of course, without passing the virus on to others. Products like see-through roller blind antimicrobial screens can make this process a simpler one.

Just like those Perspex face screens that are gaining in popularity, transparent roller blind protective screens let you interact with other people but not with their germs. When you think about how often you are face-to-face with people that could be infected with COVID-19, screen barriers for social distancing don’t seem as bizarre as they may have been before the Pandemic.

One must not forget that washing hands with soap and water for a minimum of two minutes is the best safeguard against contracting the virus. But protective screens are a comforting shield against COVID-19 in busy areas such as:

  • Classrooms
  • Shops
  • Offices
  • Reception areas
  • Literally anywhere where people interact with the public!

See-through protective screens are often called ‘sneeze screens’ for good reason. Apparently coughing spreads droplets as far as six metres and sneezing can spread these droplets by as much as eight metres. The droplets stay suspended in the air for up to 10 minutes, so you could walk around the corner into a cloud of infected droplets without knowing it.

That’s why those social media videos showing the spread of sneezed droplets across three supermarket aisles are so scary. The only way to protect yourself from that is by using masks and face screens and even then, you are at risk of contracting whatever has been sneezed across this distance.

With the lockdown regulations easing, people starting to return to relatively normal lives are more at risk of contracting COVID-19 than ever. So are those that deal with the public and the members of the public they are assisting, or groups of people working in buildings.

One of the more reliable ways of protecting everyone in this chain of contact from infection is through transparent antimicrobial screens. The people on either side of these protective screens can see each other clearly without having to be in danger of being in contact with each other’s germs.

The roller blind security screens provide a barrier to droplets spread by sneezing or coughing, protecting people on the other side of the screen from anyone that is infectious.

Roller security screens for transparent protection

Taylor’s new Indoor Roller Blind Screen Protect is one of the new products available to help solve the issue of complying with COVID-19 social distancing regulations. They are 100% transparent, antimicrobial screens that safeguard people against contamination and are easy to install, no matter where they are required.

 An antimicrobial fabric, whether natural or man-made, has fibres with properties that allow it to resist microbial growth. These microbes could be bacteria, mould, mildew and, more importantly in this time of COVID-19, viruses.

This type of protective screen is perfect for locations where keeping a safe distance is difficult. The Roller Blind Screen Protect is see-through so conversations can happen, smiles and greetings can be shared, and people can be together without worrying about passing on diseases when someone coughs.

In a work environment, Roller Blind Screen Protect can easily be suspended around each desk or workspace. It enables people allowed back into the office to work together safely and see each other without being in direct contact.

What is a roller blind?

A roller blind such as Roller Blind Screen Protect is a single piece of transparent material fitted onto a roller. It rolls up or down either manually using a cord or it can be motorised.

The motorised version is ideal from a germ transmission perspective because you can roll them down or up without touching any cords. In fact, you don’t have to touch any part of this transparent blind to operate it, so they are hygienic and safe to use, helping people to avoid any contamination from COVID-19.

The screens can be rolled up out of the way when you don’t need them hanging down as a social distancing or infection prevention aid. When rolled down, they protect people from each other without losing contact.

You can also choose to have the screens fitted with or without a cassette. A cassette is a type of box headrail that gives the roller blind a neat finish.

Roller blinds can be fitted into the window recess (or reveal) or they can be fitted outside the window recess. These roller blinds can also be fitted to doorways, over retail counters, inside rooms to divide them up, over reception desks and to segment designated safe passages through large rooms.

Multi-purpose protective screens for easy physical distancing

Roller Blind Screen Protect screens are very cost-effective as they fulfil several purposes once fitted.

  • They double-up as room dividers in open-plan offices, classrooms and other large spaces.
  • They can be used to manage contact-intensive spaces like waiting rooms in any industry or profession.
  • They protect customers and staff at retail pay points.
  • They screen off workout areas within gyms once these are open again.
  • They safely divide workstations in hairdressing salons and other service industries.

After the current health crisis is over, the protective roller blinds can be repurposed for windows and other openings by getting your supplier to insert a different fabric.

But before we get to the point of repurposing your Taylor Roller Blind Screen Protect products, we need to keep on protecting ourselves from the COVID-19 virus.

Low maintenance social distancing mechanism

Roller Blind Screen Protect screen barriers for social distancing are hard-working but very user-friendly.  They are easy to clean with a damp cloth and mild cleaning detergent. Regular cleaning will maintain their transparent, 100% clear views. They are UV stabilised and will keep their high-quality transparent features if properly maintained.

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