How to Secure & Reinforce Your Front Door Security

The front door’s security is essential as most break-ins happen as the burglar gains access using the exterior door. Therefore, when looking to improve your home’s security, you must prioritise the safety of the front door to reduce the chances of anyone gaining access to your home. We will look at how you can reinforce your front door security.

While the safety of your home is essential, specific issues might occur that might lead to security vulnerabilities, and you might not be aware of these issues. For example, older door frames could pose significant problems as they make it easier for potential burglars to gain access to your home. Luckily, there are several improvements available on the market that assist you in improving your front door security. Below are some of the ways you could improve the security of your front door.


Door Lock

Each front door requires a door lock, and there are many options that you can choose from, so you must be aware of the available options on the market. If you start to see that your door lock suffers from rust, damage or age, then it is time to look for a secure door lock. The most secure types of door locks include:

  • Multi-point locking system- These locks have three locking points, and their system sits inside the door. The locks are operated using a handle and key. These locks are considered to be the most secure type of door locks.
  • Five lever mortice lock- Five lever mortice locks are the standard door lock on the approved door locks for home insurance policies, and they are also the most common type of locks. The greater number of levers a door lock has, the more secure it is, making it more challenging to break into.
  • Night latch- Though night latch locks are used to improve the security of a door lock. These locks are mounted on the front door, but they are considered less secure than other locks when used on their own. It is recommended that you use them in conjunction with other locks that are listed.
  • Deadbolt lock- Deadbolt locks are opened using a key or thumb turn, and they also offer excellent security for your home as they are impossible to be forced open. Ideally, you should install these locks on wooden, fibreglass or steel doors. Installing these locks on hollow core doors can significantly compromise the lock’s security.


Door Reinforcements

You can make additional reinforcements to your door to assist with security. One of the most common reinforcements is a deadbolt lock, as it can only lock and unlock from the inside. You can also install deadbolt locks by yourself to ensure that your home has additional security. However, if your front door is made of steel, then it is advised that you have a professional install the lock for you.

Another reinforcement that you can add to your door is a door chain as they require external force to be opened from the outside, and they also leave evidence if an intrusion were to occur.

Adding a high-quality door handle will also play a massive role in improving the security of your front door. A low-quality door handle can easily be snapped or broken, making it easier for burglars to gain easy access to your home.


Repair or Replace Door Hinges

Door hinges are much like other parts of the door as they deteriorate over the years due to consistent use. Therefore, you must keep on top of this, which is why you should prioritise frequent checks and adjustments. Though door hinges do not prevent a break-in, a weak hinge may assist an intruder in gaining access to your home. If there are issues with the door hinges, it is easy to fix them, but it might be time to consider an upgrade if they are beyond repair.


Stop Old Keys from Opening Doors

If you recently moved into your home or you have lived there for a very long time, then it might be time for you to consider rekeying. If you have just moved into your home, rekeying ensures that the old owners and neighbours cannot get in with that key. If you believe that there are other copies of your key floating around, then rekeying your front door is the most inexpensive way to improve the security of your home.


Replace the Door

The thought of purchasing a new front door might seem daunting, but it also adds more opportunities to enhance the security of your home. You can add as many reinforcements as possible to your doors, but most of these reinforcements will be useless if the door is old or damaged. Front doors come in a variety of materials and options you can choose from, which you can tailor to your front door and the security of your home. You can use a composite, wooden or uPVC front door depending on your home.



Additionally, Shut the Front Door with Roller Shutter Gates.

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