How a Durban couple gets the most out of their location

A Durban couple get the most out of their sweeping sea views, safe from criminals

The last thing Durban residents want is to destroy their view of the sea with the clutter of security barriers. Take a look at how one Durban couple managed to open up their view with their Trellidor Rollerstyle shutters.

Picture perfect

The home is high up on one of Durban’s rolling hills, with sweeping views of the bay, overlooking the beautiful Moses Mabhida Stadium. The homeowners are customers of the Trellidor North Durban franchise, owned by Laird Anderson. 

With Laird’s help they chose Trellidor Rollerstyle aluminium rolling shutters for their deep upstairs and downstairs verandas.

Here is their list of reasons why:

  • Durban homes need protection from driving rain and wind. They bring down the shutters when the weather is awful and can stay on the veranda, protected from the worst of it.
  • Closed shutters help to block out the excessive heat and searing sunlight of a Durban summer.
  • The shutters work independently from each other so the couple can open and close them to suit their needs. They usually keep the downstairs ones closed for security purposes and the upstairs ones open when they’re sitting there, which is often!
  • When the shutters are up they are completely hidden in the shutter boxes, revealing a full view of the coast. The view is the main reason they bought the house so they definitely didn’t want it blocked by cluttered burglar proofing.
  • The fully closed shutters keep out monkeys, mosquitoes and home invaders, all problematic in this area.
  • The shutters are automated and controlled using a hand-held remote, which is very convenient.
  • They are aluminium and better suited to coastal conditions than steel.

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