Estate Decor Guide – Minimalist Design Security Products You Need

Minimalist interior design ticks many boxes for modern home styles, with its most familiar expression in architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s ‘less is more’ approach. It is a very appealing design aesthetic because it is uncluttered and clean-lined, with every element performing more than one visual and functional purpose. 

Cluster living and minimalism are excellent companions, particularly in higher density estates where homes are often fairly compact and there is no room for clutter. But even in lower density, high-end estates, this fresh approach to décor works well with open plan homes that have an easy indoor-outdoor flow.

These homes don’t generally need highly visible, in-your-face security in every door and window, so Trellidor has developed a range of ‘invisible’ security products that blend in beautifully with this style of home. 

The range includes clear guards, polycarbonate bars, security screen doors and roller blinds with lock screens or bracket screens.

Security ideas for estates vs estate rules

Housing estates and cluster homes generally have strict rules about the type of physical security permitted in estate homes.  Quite often the rule is that burglar bars and security gates are not allowed in any shape or form.  

This is intended to preserve the homogenous look of the carefully chosen home designs. It also supports the attempt to keep security measures to the perimeter of each secure estate, rather than inside each home. Then there is the need to promote the safe lifestyle on offer inside the estate, with the appeal being that no security is necessary inside individual homes.

The annual crime statistics show that house robbery (when people are confronted in their homes and are victims of theft) is increasing over time.  Anecdotal evidence from the Trellidor South Africa franchise network out in the field shows that this is happening in secure estates as well as free standing homes, though not on the same scale. 

In some instances, secure estate homeowners have been robbed and subsequently installed security barriers without consulting the Body Corporate or Homeowners Association, saying they’ll deal with the consequences rather than be unprotected.

The Trellidor invisible product ranges are discreet but strong enough to protect homeowners, and they don’t clutter up the airy, pared-down look of modern minimalist design.  

Here is our estate décor guide to the minimalist design security products you need.

Trellidor Clear Guard security screen doors and windows

Clear guards consist of an aluminium frame with a woven stainless-steel mesh insert. The mesh screen makes up the bulk of the barrier and the eye sees right through it, making it virtually invisible.  It’s a very classy looking burglar proofing that can be designed to protect just about any style of window or door. This include sliding doors and windows, sash windows, bi-fold doors, French doors and windows and so on.

The clean, simple design of Trellidor Clear Guard security screen doors and window barriers is perfectly suited to minimalism. They are unlike any traditional style of burglar proofing because there are no bars cluttering up the window or doorway.  

Clear guards embody the ‘multi-purpose’ aspect of minimalist design. Apart from blocking out thieves and monkeys, the mesh screen blocks out mosquitoes, snakes and any other wildlife that happens to wander onto your property. It helps keep out wind and dust and reduces the effects of UV rays and extremes of heat and cold.  

Don’t be fooled by the use of the word ‘mesh’ in the description. This is no ‘fly screen’. The mesh is industrial grade and has undergone stringent strength tests, so it is able to withstand a serious attack by robbers.  

Trellidor Clear Guards are manufactured using an anti-corrosion process before powder coating it for a smooth finish. This protects them against corrosion, even in coastal homes, and increases their lifespan.

Use Clear Guard security screen doors to keep pets and children safely inside your home, while still allowing them to see what is happening outside. The screens allow some airflow into your home, even when closed and locked.

Because Clear Guards are lockable, they are perfect for windows too. Unlock and open them for easy window cleaning, or if you need to use the window as an escape route in the event of a fire or other emergency situation.

Trellidor Poly Guard

Polycarbonate burglar proofing is not a new concept in window protection. It is often sold as a mechanism for keeping monkeys and baboons out of homes.  The bars are ideal for low crime risk locations such as secure estates as they are not as strong as conventional burglar proofing.

The appeal of Polycarbonate bars is that they are an invisible security product. Once installed, they are hardly noticeable, so you can continue to enjoy your views without obstruction, and they don’t ruin your carefully planned minimalist décor style. 

What makes the Trellidor Polycarbonate bar design different is its built-in strengthening features. These make the units more robust than competitor products. They are not just a method of blocking out monkeys, but also a deterrent to petty theft.

The most obvious point of difference between Trellidor Poly Guard and similar products is that the Trellidor units are fully framed. We don’t simply screw Polycarbonate bars into your window frame, where they are easily pushed out by intruders. Our slimline, four-sided extruded aluminium frame encases the Polycarbonate bars, making the unit neat, strong and difficult to tamper with.  

Trellidor Poly Guard burglar proofing for windows is made to measure. This is to ensure that the units fit as tightly as possible into the reveal space around the window, making them difficult for thieves to remove. They can also be fitted face-on, if necessary, and are designed to accommodate window handles as seamlessly as possible.

External Roller Blinds

Many estate homes have lovely patios that need protecting from the elements, or internal rooms that are suntraps that heat up excessively. Roller blinds are a stylish way of producing shade and protection from wind. Taylor, part of the Trellidor Group, manufacture beautifully minimalist external roller blinds in either a lock screen or bracket screen formats. Both formats can be automated, a feature that is becoming increasingly popular in contemporary homes.

Roller blinds with lock screens

Roller blinds are the perfect window treatment for minimalist interiors. They are streamlined and low maintenance with multiple uses including creating privacy, blocking out light and protecting the interior from harsh sunlight.

Taylor’s roller blinds with lock screens have special side guide channels that lock the roller blind fabric in place, making the blinds more stable in windy conditions. The side guide channels eliminate any gap between the fabric and the guide, where light and wind would otherwise enter.  

Lock screen roller blinds are available in a wide range of fabrics, all perfect for pared down minimalist interiors. They’re suitable for external sun protection for windows and sliding doors or inward stacking doors as well as patio screens for protection from sun, wind and rain.  

Together with a block out fabric they are effective at providing darkness and complete privacy, an added functional purpose ideal for estate living.

Bracket screens

Taylor outdoor roller blinds are provided with a bracket screen solution, with or without a cassette.  The open brackets are for sheltered locations only. An optional pelmet can be added for moderate protection from weather and concealment from view, but for maximum protection a full Cassette Screen should be considered. 

Manual bungy cord tie-downs are included with these roller blinds to prevent the fabric from swaying in mild wind. Optional side channel or cable guides provide additional protection from wind.

Taylor lock screen and bracket screen roller blinds are available from Trellidor franchise outlets around South Africa.

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