6 Things We Unconsciously Do That Attract a Burglar

Protecting your house and family is a top responsibility; one threat you want to keep them from is burglary. However, today’s actual trends are probably very different from how you envision a home invasion.

A home with open windows and unlocked doors is generally what comes to mind when you think of an easy target, and the burglar in this scenario might be dressed in a dark mask in the middle of the night. But today’s burglars approach properties very differently.

Think like a burglar and plan your defences accordingly when burglarproofing your home. Let’s talk about the selection process robbers utilise and how that affects your security measures. Why do they choose one neighbourhood over another or enter one driveway rather than another?

1. Lack of Home Security

Investing in home security systems might seem like an expensive option; however, we can not emphasise enough the benefits of having one for your home. These security systems will deter burglars from your entering your home, which is beneficial for protecting your family and valuables. If investing in a home security system is too expensive, you can consider placing minor security signs in your backyard or windows. This will also assist in discouraging intruders from entering your home.

Just like security systems effectively prevent crime, the same applies to security cameras. Homeowners can install a dummy security camera that resembles a real home security camera or add a security sign with stickers. Even a sign that says “beware of dog” can be an effective solution as it will indicate to burglars that you take the protection of your home seriously, and it will deter them from entering your home.

Since most thieves utilise darkness to conceal their crimes, they will avoid a residence with good lighting. Install bright motion-detector lights around your home’s perimeter to deter criminals from looking for an open window, and leave entrance lights on to prevent them from approaching access doors. Install timers on inside lamps to make it look like there is someone is home at all times for enhanced security.

2. Unlocked Windows and open drapes

Thieves frequently search for unlocked windows after selecting a target house because they provide a simple entry point. Close and lock all windows before you leave the house and go to bed because burglars could enter them rather quickly. Additionally, draw the draperies so potential burglars can’t peek inside and be tempted by any pricey items in the open. Ensure the curtains are drawn at night to keep intruders from noticing movement within the home.

3. Overgrown lawn and landscape

An overgrown lawn and neglected landscaping indicate that the residents may be gone for a long time. Always make sure to routinely mow your lawn and maintain your plants by trimming them to a height that does not obstruct the view of your windows. Uncut bushes might provide a safe hiding area for burglars trying to enter your property. Find a neighbour to take care of your yard if you intend to go on a vacation or you plan to be away from home for another reason.

4. An Open or Unlocked Garage

A burglar might enter your home after breaking into an attached garage. Every time you leave your house, be sure to close the garage door. Additionally, if you’re on vacation, turn off any automated garage door openers because burglars may turn on some openers with a wire, a coat hanger, or eavesdropped radio signals.

Remember that if an attacker succeeds in entering the garage, they can use the ladders, hammers, wire cutters, pry bars, and a plethora of other items to force entry into your home. After using your tools, always lock up your sheds and outbuildings.

5. Expensive Items on display

Can someone looking in your windows see expensive items inside your home? Your riches are probably more apparent than you realise, and burglars need to look through your windows to determine how lucrative a break-in might be.

Store your most priceless possessions in a safe or even relocate them to a less noticeable area to keep them safe. Most burglars won’t attempt to break into your home if there are no valuables nearby.

If you’re not careful, your trash can communicate more than you’d like about your financial status. For instance, anyone who lifts the bin’s lid can see the box from your new TV screen. Return any pricey tools or toys to their proper locations in the house, as the items in your front yard can also attract thieves.

6. Hiding spare keys

It may seem clever to hide a spare key in a plant, under a front door rug, or behind a mailbox, but seasoned thieves know the best hiding spots. Instead, install a keypad lock on your front door or leave an extra key with a reliable neighbour.




The risk of burglary exists year-round, and we should always emphasise home safety and security. Furthermore, our homes may be more vulnerable than we realise. Never fear; today, with the six simple mistakes mentioned in this article, you will decrease the likelihood of burglary in your home, ensuring you don’t return home to an unpleasant surprise.




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