Immediate Steps to Take When an Intruder is in Your Home

The scariest dread for many people is the thought of someone breaking into their house while they are there. We’ve all watched horror films with terrible break-ins that made us queasy. Thankfully, unlike in movies, most burglars want to take your stuff, not hurt you. Even yet, it’s still quite unsettling to discover someone else inside your home in the middle of the night, especially since it’s impossible to read a burglar’s thoughts or predict their intentions.

In our daily lives, we occasionally get the opportunity to consider all the “what ifs” and look for preventative measures. Do you think what might happen if I’m abducted? What would happen if someone broke into my house? But do we ever consider what we’ll do if the invader is already inside our house?


The following are actions you can take to stay safe when an intruder enters your house;

Try to stay calm

When you notice something odd happening at your door and realize that the person on the other side is someone you don’t know and doesn’t have friendly intentions, the natural reaction of a human is to panic. But the first step is to attempt, by all means, to calm down. Your pulse rate may increase, and your adrenaline may spike in frightening circumstances. Take deep breaths to clear your mind and body and decide what to do next.


Stay Silent

Keep quiet and hide from view. However, if at all feasible, you must be able to see the intruder who has broken into your home. Use your panic button if you have one as quietly as you can. Call the police once you get your phone.

Your survival might be at stake. Try to alert your flatmate if you share a space. Text someone like your complex security or someone you know you can rely on if you cannot call the police.


Vacate the premises and leave your valuables behind

When you realize the offender has a strong will, choose a safe hiding spot. Thanks to that, you’ll have enough time to create an escape strategy. In particular, you can think about how you can leave the area if the person is armed. You can always replace your belongings, especially if they are insured.


Do not scream

It makes sense to fear and shout to alert the other person, for instance, if you share an apartment with other people. However, you should avoid doing that. If they plan to grab a few things and leave, that will let them know where you are in the house and give them other ideas.


Do not hide in obvious places

Don’t approach them if you find out someone is in your house or you still have suspicions after pausing. Right now, look for a way out. If you can’t escape, look for windows you can use or locations to hide. Close yourself in a bathroom, bedroom, or even a closet if the intruder is between you and your outer doors and you can’t escape through a window. If at all feasible, barricade the door and lock it. Try to keep as quiet as you can.

Avoid going to locations where the offender can readily spot you, such as hiding behind a curtain beside a window.


Call the police

Call for assistance if you’re trying to flee or hide. Speak slowly and quietly so that the dispatchers can hear you. The dispatcher will bring up your emergency. Even if the majority of intrusions are not violent, it is not worth the danger of getting discovered. Be quiet if the dispatcher is on the line with you and asks you a question or gives you instructions. Quietly and concisely respond.


Buy yourself time

Lock yourself in your room or bathroom if you live in a one-bedroom apartment with few options. It ultimately comes down to buying some time for yourself. Even if the offender tries to open it, at least it will take longer, giving security or the police more time to arrive.


Try not to antagonize them

If  you are in a scenario where you are face to face, the criminal would probably try to utilise you as a source of information because you are familiar with the area. The best action to take is to continue cooperating. Being cheeky serves to escalate the offender’s aggressiveness. You must also keep in mind that he is already in a panic since he is aware that his actions are improper.




A break-in can be a frightening and upsetting experience, but with some planning, you can stop one from happening and remain composed if it does. Spend time examining and enhancing your home’s security and practising your break-in protocol there.



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